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Wedding planning has highlighted some qualities about myself, that I knew existed before, but tried to deny. There not necessarily horrible things, just things I have become more aware of during the planning process.

1. I am indecisive.- I would never characterize myself as this, but I really am. I have a hard time making a decision and just leaving it be. I always continue to look and wonder if there is a better option.

2. I am nosy.- I always tell my fiance I hate suprises, but this really isn’t true. I really don’t like knowing things. For instance, I know nothing about my wedding shower except the date and time. Since I love Mrs. Sewing I have promised her this will remain so and I will not snoop around to find out the details. This has been desperately hard.

3. My family’s input and approval is extremely important.- I have firm ideas about what I want (just not always sure the best way to execute them), but I really do want Mama and Papa Austen and Mr. Darcy to love them, also. For example, I really want a square cake. I think they’re more modern and simple looking, but Papa Austen really doesn’t like them. So when Mama Austen, Grandma Sprinkle, and I head off to our cake appointment tomorrow we will be looking for a round design with ribbon borders and some scroll work.

Did you learn any lessons about yourself during the wedding planning process?


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My biggest issue in life and more specifically in wedding planning is I am indecisive. I will make a decision, but I still will keep looking at other options and wonder if it’s a better choice. A perfect example of this is the cake. Even though we have found several designs we (Mama Austen, Mr. Darcy, and I) all love, but I still find myself obsessing over cake designs. Today, I am being indecisive over the cake topper. My first moment of indecision is whether or not we should have a cake topper or not. My second bit of indecision is regarding what design of cake topper. So here are my options.

Option 1: Mudcards on Etsy

I love these cake toppers. They are so cute and totally customized. There are so many options, we could have books (book theme), Vegas, or me with a laptop and Mr. Darcy with a fishing pole. My favorite part about these pieces is that she customizes them to look like you and your fiance from the hair and eye color to the dress. This is such a personalized option.





I love all the different options and think these cake toppers would be a true reflection of Mr. Darcy and I. My only drawback is that I am not sure this cake topper will fit on our elegant cake. Do I change the design of the cake to get a cake topper I love?

Option 2: Lenox Disney’s Mickey and Friends “Minnie’s Dream Wedding” Figurine


I love this option, because Disneyland plays a big role in Mr. Darcy and I’s relationship. It is the first place Mr. Darcy and I said I love you. We are both Disney freaks, also. This one also would fit the elegant look of our cake design.

Option 3- A Sparkly Monogram

I totally love this option. It’s sparkly and Mr. Darcy can testify to the fact, that I love sparkle. This cake topper is totally my taste and not Mr. Darcy’s.


What’s a girl to do?

Were you indecisive about wedding decisions? How did you finally make a choice?

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So I have a lot of paper projects, that require me to do some graphic design work. Aaaaggghhhh! That’s how I feel most of the time after about twenty minutes of formatting documents in Word. I was getting that feeling this evening while trying to work on rehearsal dinner invites. Then I looked up from the computer screen and I saw a box! Woohoo a box! Not just any box, though. The box of Anna Griffin DIY Invites, I got a super good deal on at Micheal’s and then quickly nixed them for an awesome book design! If you have forgotten the post is right here. So now I can have super pretty rehearsal dinner invites without pulling my hair out and I am no longer wasting perfectly good invites. Yeah for boxes! Now I just got to figure out how to word these babies, since we will be doing the rehearsal dinner in-suite and won’t know the room number until we check-in. Aaaaggghhh! I think I will send out a mass text.

Did you have an awesome wedding idea that made life so much easier for you? What was it?

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One of the things that is very important to Mr. Darcy and I is making sure we have plenty of opportunities to spend time with our guests. One of the ways we want to do this is by setting-up (not hosting) a morning after brunch. My first idea was to just have it in my parent’s suite and just invite guests to drop by on their way out of town. My issue with this was two-fold, first it committed Mr. Darcy and I to a long period of time of hanging out in the suite and it puts extra pressure on my parents to make sure everything is ready for the guests and that they check out on time. The next idea was to hit the buffet at Mandalay Bay. The problem with this is we have to make a reservation through group dining to insure our space and this requires us to foot the bill. So our next option was to find a restaurant that would allow to make a reservation for a large number of guests without having to foot everyone’s bill. My solution Mon Ami Gabi. Their breakfast/brunch menu is super affordable with choices ranging in price from $3.95-$24.95 and it has a gorgeous view of the Bellagio fountains from the patio.

Mon Ami Gabi Patio


Besides check out some of their most awesome menu items.

1. Made from Scratch Waffles

Made from Scratch Blueberry Waffles


2. Bloody Mary Bar


3. Giant Cappucinnos


4. Huge Champagne Selection


I can’t wait to enjoy brunch with our guests at this awesome restaurant. This is definitely on our list of must-visits for our next Vegas planning trip.

Did you have a morning after brunch? Did your guests enjoying spending more time with you in a less pressured environment and without having to worry about spilling their wine on your big, white dress?

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So remember a while back, I told you about some Groupons I picked up for Gimme Some Sugar. Well I finally figured out what to do with our groupon, I am going to get s’mores. One of my favorite wedding ideas I had to give up for our Vegas wedding, was a s’mores station. I mean look how awesome this is.

S'mores Inspiration Board


A s’mores station wasn’t going to exactly work in our reception venue, so when I saw Gimme Some Sugar offers s’mores brownies I was so excited. Look at this description:

Sʼmores Brownies
Our take on a campfire classic! Rich cake like dark brownie is placed atop a freshly baked
honey graham cookie, topped with a toasted marshmallow meringue.

Mmmmm….mmmmm…good. Each guest will be getting one of these babies with their cake. Ooohhh…I am so excited we get to have s’mores. And of course we will be serving the confetti cake pops for the kids.


We will have a dozen of these babies in blue with jimmies (rainbow sprinkles).

Were you able to incorporate an unexpected detail into your reception? Did you serve anything with your cake?

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If you can’t tell I have been a bit obsessive about cakes, lately. Our cake design consultation is coming up later this month and me being the control freak I am, needs to have everything in order before the appointment. I found a beautiful cake that everyone LOVES! I mean LOVE even more than the original design choice of Nicole and guess what? It’s nothing I have shown you before. Are you ready for it?


Everyone L-O-V-E-S this cake, even Mama Austen, who was beginning to complain about my obsession with cakes. Isn’t it gorgeous? Now I love the metallic scroll work, but I still want to incorporate the blue. My idea is to see if the our baker can do the scroll work in our aqua, but with metallic gold added to the color to give a bit of metallic sheen. What do you think?

Did you become obsessive about certain details of the wedding? Perusing galleries of photos to find the perfect fit/design/idea?

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I have been really struggling with this cake thing for a while. Although a cake is not the hugest priority for me (other than it tasting yummy) I want the design to aesthetically fit our modern, vintage design. After discussing the coloring issue with Mama Austen, she came up with a brilliant idea. (Cake discussions with Mr. Darcy were frustrating, because his responses consisted of “That’s nice.” “Whatever you want, babe.”) We will be having a cool, blue cake instead of a red, hot cake. The reasoning, red is such a dominant color in our jewel toned reception room, so instead of playing up the red we are going to play up the blue. It will take the aqua/turquoise from a spectator accent color to full ,fledged player by putting it on a centerpiece, like the cake. Now I just have to tackle the design. I have it narrowed down to two designs. Our original pick, except in aqua/turquoise blue.


Our second choice is Frances, except in our aqua color.


The common theme here, obviously is the scroll work and the pearls. I love both designs, but feel the second fits our modern, vintage feel design better, but I love the look of the square tiers in the Nicole design. I think a square cake is more modern than round. So now we have the color we just need a design choice.

Which design do you like better? Did you have a hard time deciding on a cake design?

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