Breaking Down the Details- Tracking Down Some Notre Dame Gear   3 comments

As you know Mr. Darcy and I will be making our grand entrance to our reception to the Notre Dame Fight Song. Mrs. Sewing made the suggestion that she would get pom-poms and get guests cheering for us before our grand entrance. Mrs. Sewing may have been saying this in jest, but I have taken the idea and run with it. I know Mrs. Sewing will do an awesome job of getting the crowd guests all riled up for our big entrance, because Mrs. Sewing has studied such tatics (she bases her basketball picks for March Madness on which team has the best cheerleaders). Obviously we needed some pom-poms for this adventure and I have hunted down the perfect pair of Navy and Gold ones for the occasion.


I also needed to track down a Notre Dame garter for my something blue. A quick search of EBay revealed several options. I decided on this set.


Are final Notre Dame detail a Notre Dame groom’s cake.

Notre Dame Football Cake by Cake Lava


Are you incorporating your interests into the wedding details? How about a favorite sports team?


3 responses to “Breaking Down the Details- Tracking Down Some Notre Dame Gear

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  1. Now I need to work on my cheer…

  2. Hopefully, Mr. Sewing won’t hang his head in shame. I have all the faith in your cheering!!!

    • He might throw in an “I L L I N I” but… Besides, the little girls will love playing with the poms.

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