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One of the things that is very important to Mr. Darcy and I is making sure we have plenty of opportunities to spend time with our guests. One of the ways we want to do this is by setting-up (not hosting) a morning after brunch. My first idea was to just have it in my parent’s suite and just invite guests to drop by on their way out of town. My issue with this was two-fold, first it committed Mr. Darcy and I to a long period of time of hanging out in the suite and it puts extra pressure on my parents to make sure everything is ready for the guests and that they check out on time. The next idea was to hit the buffet at Mandalay Bay. The problem with this is we have to make a reservation through group dining to insure our space and this requires us to foot the bill. So our next option was to find a restaurant that would allow to make a reservation for a large number of guests without having to foot everyone’s bill. My solution Mon Ami Gabi. Their breakfast/brunch menu is super affordable with choices ranging in price from $3.95-$24.95 and it has a gorgeous view of the Bellagio fountains from the patio.

Mon Ami Gabi Patio


Besides check out some of their most awesome menu items.

1. Made from Scratch Waffles

Made from Scratch Blueberry Waffles


2. Bloody Mary Bar


3. Giant Cappucinnos


4. Huge Champagne Selection


I can’t wait to enjoy brunch with our guests at this awesome restaurant. This is definitely on our list of must-visits for our next Vegas planning trip.

Did you have a morning after brunch? Did your guests enjoying spending more time with you in a less pressured environment and without having to worry about spilling their wine on your big, white dress?


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