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While out ring shopping with Mr. Darcy, I managed to drag him into Target to work on our registry. This took much convincing and explaining that you can’t just pick bath towels and bedding online, you actually need to feel it. After much pleading and threatening I would just register us for a gorgeous black and white, Parisian inspired bedding I had shown him earlier and he hated, he finally conceded to my request to stop at Target. I L-O-V-E Target! I think they have awesome products for great prices and I really love their Fieldcrest collection, so this was an obvious choice for all our linen needs. We went to the guest services counter picked up our gun and free gift (accordion file with pretty birdies) and then headed to the bedding section. In my mind I was thinking oh this should be easy. I will just show Mr. Darcy what I want and we will scan it, silly Miss Austen. I imagined a gorgeous relaxing room with a mix and match of pale blues and white Egyptian cotton sheets. Hah! Mr. Darcy wanted something more masculine. Navy! Aaaaggghhh! There went my relaxing, tranquil blues. Our compromise a steel blue and gray.

Fieldcrest Luxury Icon Collection Blue


Fieldcrest Luxury 600 Thread Count Sheet Set- Light Grey


I think it will look lovely together. We also picked out a few other things, like a memory foam topper, pillows, and down comforter. I love every piece we chose and that we did it together, as a couple. I am so excited to put everything on our bed and see the look come together.

Did your fiance/husband give any input on the bedding you registered for? Did he care about colors?


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While at Macy’s registering I found some adorable casual china with a cute pattern that could combined with some plain white. Mr. Darcy liked the stuff, but had wandered over to the fine china section and fallen in love with a couple different sets by Kate Spade (OMG! Mr. Darcy loves Kate Spade China! Have I died and gone to heaven?). The original plan was to later some nicer place settings to our collection later in life if we found the necessity to do so, but I now found us registering for all three sets (the patterned and white to mix and match and the fine china for holidays). So you want to see the Kate Spade pattern Mr. Darcy and I eventually agreed on?

Kate Spade Gardner Street Platinum Collection


Aren’t they gorgeous? I almost swoon every time I see them. At $139 a place setting they were a pricier item on our registry. Fast forward few weeks later, while checking our online registry (I recommend you do this often to ensure items you’ve registered for are still available and there is enough variety for guests to pick from) and low and behold my beloved patterned plates are no longer available. Poo! My mind is now a reeling for a solution. I am questioning our decision to add the above pictured beauties. I now think we should remove these from our registry and add a nice set of bone china that can be dressed up or down to suit our needs, enter Kate Spade again. While surfing Macy’s online inventory I found these beauties.

Kate Spade Fair Harbor White Truffle


I know they aren’t the gorgeous fine china pictured above, but aren’t they elegant and understated? I love that they are white, but have visual interest, I can dress them up or down, plus their is coordinating serve ware. I love the fact that it’s bone china so it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. Kate Spade saves the day, again. I showed them to Mr. Darcy while he was shaving (I have to trap him somehow) and he agreed with the plan. Then I added these babies, plus some other key pieces, and some gorgeous placemats, napkins, and napkin holders to our registries and now I can create a variety of looks. I am so happy with our decision. One day I would like to start collecting the china place settings from our favorite place setting. I imagine using the pieces at large family gatherings with my parents and my brothers and their families, but right now they are not what we need. It was important to us to add items we need in addition to our upgrades and we need china to replace our paper plates and plastic bowls, just not fine china.

Did you end up registering for fine china? Did you change your mind about anything on your registry?

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Registry Mayhem Part 1   Leave a comment

For Mr. Darcy a trip to the mall is the equivalent to a trip to the dentist for a root canal. So when I say it’s like pulling teeth to get him to move past the book store into the actual mall to go shopping, you know what I mean. So when I actually got him into the mall one day to go ring shopping I pounced on the chance to drag him into the Macy’s home department to look at pots and pans, glass ware, and some awesome kitchen gadgets. Mr. Darcy is not a man, who is lost in the kitchen in fact quite the opposite. Mr. Darcy worked in the restaurant business, specifically the kitchen, for many years before making a career change to the medical field. This made Mr. Darcy’s opinion on registry not only helpful, but necessary when deciding which kitchen appliances to upgrade, what new gadgets to add, and which knives he would like in addition to the fantabulous ones I got him for Christmas. He did not want to get a scanning gun so I just opened the notebook app on my phone and began taking notes, so I could add everything to our online registry later. Here are some of our favorite picks from Macys.

1. Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10 Piece Set


These babies are nonstick and dishwasher safe, so in love.

2. The Cellar 7- Piece All Purpose Glassware Set


I love the versatility of this set. Whether it be for a cocktail party or summer afternoon on the patio, it works.

3. Cuisinart Griddler


How awesome is this thing. It’s a grill, a panini press, a waffle maker (new attachment), and a griddle. I can just imagine whipping up a fantastic Sunday brunch with this baby.

4. Corningware Bakeware Set, 7 piece Etch Grass


How awesome is this set. I love that it’s classic Corningware with a colorful twist.

Among picking out all our registry items there were a few surprises, like Mr. Darcy feels really strongly about flatware (who knew?) and he wanted to register for fine china (more on this later).

Was it difficult getting your significant partner to help with you the registry? What were some of your favorite items from the registry? Were you surprised by some of your significant other’s requests?

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