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Inspiration from a Box   Leave a comment

So I have a lot of paper projects, that require me to do some graphic design work. Aaaaggghhhh! That’s how I feel most of the time after about twenty minutes of formatting documents in Word. I was getting that feeling this evening while trying to work on rehearsal dinner invites. Then I looked up from the computer screen and I saw a box! Woohoo a box! Not just any box, though. The box of Anna Griffin DIY Invites, I got a super good deal on at Micheal’s and then quickly nixed them for an awesome book design! If you have forgotten the post is right here. So now I can have super pretty rehearsal dinner invites without pulling my hair out and I am no longer wasting perfectly good invites. Yeah for boxes! Now I just got to figure out how to word these babies, since we will be doing the rehearsal dinner in-suite and won’t know the room number until we check-in. Aaaaggghhh! I think I will send out a mass text.

Did you have an awesome wedding idea that made life so much easier for you? What was it?


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Breaking Down the Details- The Invites aka Paper Part 1   1 comment

Okay, so I have lots of paper projects. I am going to break them down over a couple posts. I am dedicating a whole post to the invites, because after much stress and many posts about these babies I have got the design all settled. WooHoo! I will be ordering envelope and paper samples, asap, so I can get these babies going and in the mail in about 8 weeks. OMG! So here we go! Are you ready? I am so excited to have these babies designed and ready to begin printing and assembling.

1. The Invite- Printable Book Lover Wedding Invitation by KwirkCreative

2. Insert- Book Lover RSVP Card converted into an Information Card by KwirkCreative

3. RSVP Card- Penguin Book Covers Post Cards

4. Mini Moo Cards- Hanging Tag refering guests to wedding website for additional information

A La Mrs. Thimble via Wedding Bee


As you can see in the above picture of Mrs. Thimble’s invites she tied it all together with twine, as will I with turqouise divine twine from Paper Souffle. Yeah for awesome invite designs! For the envelopes I am considering these from Paper Source.

A7 Shimmer Gold Envelope


I am still tossing around ideas for the envelopes, though. I am considering embossing the envelopes, like this.


Or with a wrap around label, like these from Blush Printable on etsy.


And of course I want to add an envelope liner.


How fancy did you get with your wedding invite envelopes? What do you think embossing with Mama Austen hand addressing envlopes or wrap around labels?

Oh Invites…   Leave a comment

I have been really super stressed and upset about the invitations, lately. “What? Why? I thought you had this all figured out Miss Austen.” This was Mr. Darcy’s reaction when I cried to him about my frustration. “No, no I haven’t. “- Me “What’s wrong with the invites we picked out?”-Mr. Darcy “I don’t want them. I don’t like them.” Me “What’s wrong with them? You liked them last week. I like them.”-Mr. Darcy “Uuuggghhh. I don’t know”- Me This has been the content of our conversation regarding the wedding invites. So I decided to search for invites I loved to see if I could pinpoint and find exactly why I was not feeling our invite plan. So I headed over to google and realized what our lovely invite was missing, an adorable retro font.

Evidence: Exhibit A


See, no adorable font. As much as I love the design of the invite it’s just to modern for my taste. My solution explore dafont with Mr. Darcy to find the perfect font for our invitation suite. Invitation bliss restored!

Did you make any tweaks to your invite design? What font did you choose for your invites?

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Etsy Goodness   1 comment

For those you who do not know what Etsy is, let me explain. (Since you obviously have been living in a dark room. Just kidding. You really should log on as soon as your done reading this post, though) Etsy is the most awesome craft site, ever. It is an online shopping site with a menagerie of artisans with a focus on the vintage and handmade. It is a bride’s dream. I absolutely L-O-V-E Etsy and want to share with you some of my favorite Etsy finds for the wedding.

1. Baker’s Twine- Seller Paper Souffle

Turquoise Divine Twine


2. RSVP Stamp- Seller 4 hands

Moniilee Wedding Stamp-Custom


3. Satin Ribbon Wrapped Decorative Book Bundle- Seller The Shabby Chic Cottage


5. Custom Wrist Corsages- Seller hART jewelry


6. Quiver Arrow Microfiber Necktie- Seller toy breaker


7.  Vintage Opulence Bouquet- Seller Croska


8. Personalized Bridal Walnut Hanger- Seller Wisconmon


9. Satin Bridal Clutch- Seller Fallen Sparrow


There is so much more, that Etsy offers. You can see some the gorgeous book themed invites here and here. Explore Etsy for inspiration, adorable wedding finds, and gifts.

Did you find any wedding items on Etsy? What was your favorite Etsy purchase?

Etsy Saves the Day Again…   1 comment

So a few posts back I showed you a couple invite ideas we had for the wedding. Well, Mr. Darcy, Mama Austen, and I all decided book themed invites would be perfect. So after doing some research, I decided I would be DIYing our invites, kind of what I was trying to avoid. Another Etsy search later I had partially eliminated my DIY issue. I found this lovely piece at a wonderful price.

Printable Book Lover Wedding Invite


These are from seller KwirkCreative. Aren’t they cute? I am so in love. So here is the plan for putting it all together.

1. The invites (pictured above)

2. Penguin Post Cards as the RSVP cards


3. Book Plate Insersts


There’s all the elements with their book theme, but I also have plans for packaging them. So I found a few inspiration photos on my favorite wedding blog, Wedding Bee.



Do you see the pattern? Belly Bands, Twine, and Hanging Tags. So there you have it our Semi-DIY invitation suite inspiration. Mr. Darcy will be making the belly bands. I will be cutting out the hanging tags and insert cards, Mama Austen will be addressing the envelopes and writing out the RSVP cards (if we can’t devise a way to print them). Then we will set-up an assembly line to put all the elements together. So we all have our jobs. Ready, Set, Go!

Were your invites a team effort? Did you order them from an invite company, completely DIY, or semi-DIY them?

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Paper, Paper, and More Paper   1 comment

Since we are at the six month mark. I have been thinking about invites. I have had a myriad of ideas floating around in my head for months.

Printable Press Damask

Clear Envelopes from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Moo Card RSVP Postcard

Vellum Envelope and Baker's Twine a la Miss Gloss from Wedding Bee

Skyline Invite from Senor and Senora

At first I thought I would design something myself, but the reality of the situation is that I can’t. I just don’t the time. So I went for a search on Etsy to see what I could find. I went into the search with two ideas, one the skyline invite and the other a book themed invite. Here is what I found.

The Love Story Invitation Set from Susan Schneider Design

I am totally in love with the invite of this set, but not the rest of the set. This is what I imagine.

Love Story Invitation from Susan Schneider Design

Penguin Post Cards as RSVP Postcards/ Source: Amazon

Book Plate Inserts a la Miss Cinnamon Buns

This last photo is a picture of the labels Mis Cinnamon Buns made for jam favors, but it reminded me of a book plate. I figured I could convert the idea into book plate inserts. So there you have it, the book themed invites. This plan is dependent on Etsy Seller Sharon Schneider Design selling me only the invitation portion of the invites and me devising a way to print or stamp the RSVP postcards.

The second design choice is the skyline invitation. I found this adorable set, that can be customized for any city skyline and is super affordable from Etsy Seller Beth Cotes. The design comes with two options.

Modern Skyline Invitation Option 1 from Beth Cotes

Modern City Skyline Option 2 Beth Cotes

I like option 1 best and Mr. Darcy likes option 2 best. The RSVP looks like this.

Modern Skyline RSVP by Beth Cotes

I love the RSVP. I love the idea of having a shape of Nevada with a heart, where Las Vegas is. Beth also gives the option of adding coordinating inserts to our invites. She offers the following packages.

Beth Cotes Invitation Package Options

If we go this route we will order package B with our invites which includes an insert card and belly band or package C which includes two inserts, pocket fold/folio, and belly band. All invites include choice of colors and coordinating envelopes. This would be the easiest route.

What do you think? Books or Skyline? How did you decide on your invitation designs?

Success…DIY Project Completion   1 comment

Mr. Darcy and I have finished our save the dates and they will be entering the mail tomorrow. Yeah!!! Let me just tell you how excited I am. This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I am smiling from ear to ear and dancing a little jig. Yeah, I didn’t get them out by 7 month mark like I wanted to, but I am getting them out six months before. So without further ado let me show you. The last step in the process was lining the envelopes.

Personal Picture

First, Mr. Darcy measured out a template. Mr. Darcy was an art major in school and is much better at these types of things (drawing straight lines) than I am.

Personal Picture

Then Mr. Darcy cut the template. He was such a good helper.

Personal Picture

I made sure the template fit into the envelope before we began cutting the liners.

Personal Pic

Mr. Darcy used the template to draw guide marks on the back of the scrapbook paper and then cut the paper.

Personal Pic

The scrapbook paper I found at Jo Ann’s Fabric Store has I love you written in several languages.

Personal Pic

While Mr. Darcy cut the paper, I inserted them into the envelopes. Doesn’t the dark red look lovely with the gold vellum envelopes from Paper Source,

Personal Picture

See how pretty the bookmark looks with the envelope. Here is the final product

Personal Picture

(It pains me to have black out the beautiful handwriting.) Don’t they look beautiful? Mama Austen addressed the envelopes beautifully and the gold wedding band stamps were the perfect touch.

Here is what I learned:

1. Pay careful attention to where you are cutting the paper. Mr. Darcy cut a few of the liners with the bar code on them. The problem is that you can see the bar code through the vellum envelopes. My solution cover it with a small piece of scrap scrapbook paper.

2. Do not glue the liners. I glued the first couple and they turned into a hot mess of wrinkled envelopes. It may have been the glue I used (Scott’s clear liquid glue), but I found the liners were pretty secure in their without the glue.

Were you super excited when you completed your first DIY project?