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Capturing our Wedding on Film   Leave a comment

So you may remember a while back, when we were struggling with the issue of whether to have a videographer. This still hasn’t been resolved, mostly because of budgetary and personal reasons. Mr. Darcy really doesn’t want a videographer and I can’t quite justify it in our budget right now. I still would really like to have one for the simple fact that I would like to have video of our reception (video of the ceremony is included in our package from the Chapel). I have been going over in over in my head creative and budget friendly ways to document our wedding. Here is the low down on what I have so far.

1. Our awesome husband and wife team of photographers, Mike and Courtney, whom I have raved about here and here. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be working with these guys. We have them currently booked for 6 hours, but I am going really considering making that package 8 hours. I was able to get on their prices for last season, because I contacted (not signed a contract, though) before they raised their prices. We also have a second photography company we are working with as part of our package with the chapel, Cashman Photography. I am still debating whether to book a second photographer through them for the ceremony. I would really like to, but unsure if we will be able to fit this in the budget.

2. Our budget blower photo booth from Shutter Booth. I am so excited about this, even though this money could have been used for something like a videographer. I think our guests will have an awesome time and how else would we end up with shots like these.

Image Via: Bubbly Bride/ Source: Red Cheese Photo Booth

3. I Spy photo game. I first saw this idea on a board over on Wedding Bee. I bookmarked the idea to come back to later. I then later did a Google search and found this project from the holy grail of all DIY wedding projects, Martha Stewart Weddings.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

I mean really how cute are these? I am so in love. And look do you spy what I spy with my little eye? Our wedding colors (crimson and turquoise) are in them. Aaahh! How Perfect! I downloaded the file and intend on using a free pdf editing program to make different versions of these cards for each table. Instead of including disposable cameras with them though, I am going to set-up a photo sharing website and include instructions on the cards. I think this will greatly add to our wedding memories being caught on film. I will definitely posting more on these babies, once I hammer down all the details.

4. Videography. This one is still a big unknown for me. I am really unsure what we are going to do. Right now the decision stands, that we will not be having extra videography for the reception and will be putting this money towards the extra photography, 2 hours more with Courtney and Mike and second shooter for Cashman. This extra photography is an extra $500. If we were get to get videography it is an additional $775-800. I have it narrowed to two options. A- Wedit. Wedit is a company that sends you five HD flip cameras for you to film your wedding weekend. You can upload all your video to their site, where they will store it for you. Then they edit in two videos with music, this is for their most expensive package, one 1 hour video and 1 highlight video. I love this idea and think it is a great option for brides on a budget. The only drawback is that the video from Wedit would not include our ceremony video. B. Cashman Photo, who is the videographer contracted for Mandalay Bay, offers add-on packages for the reception. I could add an extra 2 hours of off site videography for $775. This would mean that the ceremony and reception video would all be one on DVD. The nice thing about this option is I don’t have to book right away. I can add it up to a month before the wedding. If none of these options work out. I will just ask a few of our guests who have flip cameras to video the reception and upload the files to our laptop. Brother T can edit it for us and we will burn it to a disc.

How are you documenting your wedding? Did you come up with any creative ways to involve your guests in the process?


The Photography Game   1 comment

Mama Austen and I had a chance to meet with all our photographers. Yes, I said all! See when you get married in Las Vegas or particularly in one of Vegas’s Chapels, you usually must use their photographer and their florist. The only exception I know of, as far as the hotel chapels go, is the Wynn. For the hefty fee of $700 you can have your own photographer take pictures of your ceremony also. Well seeing as we are not getting married at the Wynn, Mike and Courtney our lovely husband and wife team photographers will not be photographing our ceremony. Cashman Photography will be. So, hence we are playing the photography game, who will photograph what, when, and for how long. It can become quite complicated. So here’s what I figured out:

1. With our chapel package we get 45 minutes of photography time with one photographer. This includes the 15 minute ceremony and 30 minutes after with immediate family.

2. Our photographer is not allowed to take any photos in the chapel area. Period. The girls have to be in the bridal dressing room 40 minutes before the ceremony and the boys have to be there 30 minutes before the ceremony.

So what does this mean for us, it means I have to work out a schedule with all photographers involved. After meeting with Courtney and Mike of Mike L. studios, the photographers we chose, Mama Austen and I determined the 8 hour package will work best for us. So this is kind of what I am thinking:

9am-11am Getting Ready and Detail Shots

11:00am-12:30pm First Look and Bridal Party Pics

1:15-1:30pm Ceremony Pics

1:30-2:00pm Cashman Photo Family and Bridal Party Pics

2:00pm Hop in the Bus with our Bridal Party and Photographers

2:10pm Drop off at Caesar’s Palace

2:10pm-2:25pm Trevi Fountain Shops

2:30pm-5:00pm Reception Pictures

We also decided to add a second photographer to our time with the Cashman Photography. We did this because I wanted to make sure we had all the important shots from the ceremony. I am little worried about having Cashman shoot the ceremony and not Mike and Courtney, but I am sure all will be okay. Did you have to work a complicated photography schedule? Was there any vendors that you could not choose or had to use a prefered vendor for? How did you handle the situation?

I thought I would leave you with some more of Mike and Courtney’s awesome work.

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Can you tell I am obsessed with our photographers?

Budget Blown   1 comment

Yes, I have written those ominous words, that every bride swears, she will not do. It is not my fault, though. I blame the wedding gods. Before we met with our lovely florist we had met with a DJ, Mike from High Flying Entertainment. They have a digital faux-to-booth option. Mike did not refer to it by this term, so I quickly informed that is what it was, and my mom looked totally confused by my calling it so. I then explained to her and Mike that a faux-to-booth is an area with a backdrop that usually has props that people stand in front of to take silly pictures. Here are some links to some bees’ from wedding bee faux-to-booth, Mrs. Rainbow, Mrs. Quiche, Mrs. Bunny, and Mrs. Buttons. For those of you who are visual learners like myself, here are some pictures of faux-to-booths.


Well after  meeting with Mike we had an appointment with our florist to see a mock-up of one of the centerpieces we had picked out and to discuss what to do with our head table. Well after making a few alterations to our plans, adding linens to our orders, deciding upon a sweetheart table design. We then told her about our meeting with the DJ and we explained to her about the faux-to-booth. She also did not seem to get the concept (wedding vendors really should keep up on the trends and terms).  She said, oh no, I have a guy next door who will take care of you. Lickety Split she gets on her phone and five minutes later, Todd appears. We finish up with Randi and head over to Todd’s shop. Todd put Mama Austen and I in the photobooth with a box full of props and we had so much fun. Todd showed us all the options Shutter Booth had to offer. Mama Austen and I are so enamored with the whole idea. We love everything from the prop box to the bookmark sleeves to the putting the photo strips in to the scrapbook style guestbook. Needless to say Mama Austen and I were sold on the whole photoboth idea. We should probably not be allowed to wedding plan together by ourselves, because we find ourselves justifying spending money on items, that are not in the budget. Was there something you had to have for the wedding, that wasn’t in the budget? Did you regret your expenditure after?

Mama Austen and I have been diligently working on places to cut the budget in order to afford this cost. Our photographers had also used Shutterbooth at their wedding and they totally recommended them. This help me feel better about totally going out of control with our budget. Maybe not totally, but we shall see, how Papa Austen and Mr. Darcy feel about these expenses.

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Building a Dream Team…The Photographer   1 comment

Photography!!! Yeah!!! I could look at beautiful wedding pictures all day long. To me a good wedding photographer is like chocolate, yummy and an absolute necessity (that is if Mr. Darcy wants a happy bride). So my struggle to find the right photographer at the right price came down to these requirements:

1. Ownership of Photos- I wanted the rights to reprint all my wedding photos.

2. Options to Customize a Package- I needed photographer who would allow me to build a package, that fit my budget and needs.

3. Photojournalistic Style that “tells” the Story of Mr. Darcy and I’s Big Day

So I went on my search and found Mike L. Photography. When you first go to Mike and Courtney’s site (they are a husband and wife team), you will see the list of awards and wedding blogs they are preferred vendors for. These guys have rave reviews on: The Knot boards (they are a 2011 The Knot Best of Wedding award winner, also), Weddingbee, and Wedding Wire (they also have won Bride’s Choice awards for 2010 and 2011). I was able to book both Courtney and Mike for 6 hours for an amazing price and had the option of adding two hours more later (and since I saved that money on the invitations, that’s exactly what I am doing). So without further ado here is some of Mike and Courtney’s lovely work:

Wedding Photo from The Knot

Wedding Photo from The Knot

Trash the Dress The Knot

Wedding Photo from The Knot

Trash the Dress from Mike L. Photography

Trash the Dress from Mike L. Photography

Wedding Photo from Mike L. Photography

So there you have it, our wedding photographer. I could spend all day looking at the pictures on their blog.

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