Registry Mayhem- Part 3   Leave a comment

While out ring shopping with Mr. Darcy, I managed to drag him into Target to work on our registry. This took much convincing and explaining that you can’t just pick bath towels and bedding online, you actually need to feel it. After much pleading and threatening I would just register us for a gorgeous black and white, Parisian inspired bedding I had shown him earlier and he hated, he finally conceded to my request to stop at Target. I L-O-V-E Target! I think they have awesome products for great prices and I really love their Fieldcrest collection, so this was an obvious choice for all our linen needs. We went to the guest services counter picked up our gun and free gift (accordion file with pretty birdies) and then headed to the bedding section. In my mind I was thinking oh this should be easy. I will just show Mr. Darcy what I want and we will scan it, silly Miss Austen. I imagined a gorgeous relaxing room with a mix and match of pale blues and white Egyptian cotton sheets. Hah! Mr. Darcy wanted something more masculine. Navy! Aaaaggghhh! There went my relaxing, tranquil blues. Our compromise a steel blue and gray.

Fieldcrest Luxury Icon Collection Blue


Fieldcrest Luxury 600 Thread Count Sheet Set- Light Grey


I think it will look lovely together. We also picked out a few other things, like a memory foam topper, pillows, and down comforter. I love every piece we chose and that we did it together, as a couple. I am so excited to put everything on our bed and see the look come together.

Did your fiance/husband give any input on the bedding you registered for? Did he care about colors?


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