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Music to My Ears Part 2   2 comments

Okay, so when I booked my package with Mandalay Bay’s The Chapel my wedding coordinator sent me an e-mail with a 33 page pdf attached. This is my paperwork I need to fill out for the wedding ceremony and have turned in 30 days before the wedding. The first document is the ceremony music worksheet. Their is a list of 51 songs that the organist can play. If I would like a song that is not on the list I can give the sheet music to the pianist 30 days prior and pay a $50 fee and she will play the song. If I don’t provide the sheet music it is an $80 fee. So I have to pick out 8 songs, 4 for the seating of our guests, 2  for the processional (1 for the bridal party and 1 for my walk down the aisle), 1 for the ceremony itself (this is optional), and a song for the recessional. So here goes our choices for our music.

1. Seating Music- We decided to go with more classic choices. Here are the four selections that will play during the seating of our guests. The last song will be played during the seating of our grandparents and parents.

Song 1- Pachellbel’s Cannon in D Major

Song 2- Kenny G’s Wedding Song

Song 3- Ave Maria (This is to honor our grandmothers who have both passed)

Song 4- Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up

2. Processional Music- This music was a little harder to select, Mr. Darcy and I had a few discussions before agreeing. I wanted a definite change in tempo and Mr. Darcy wanted something more traditional here is our compromise.

Song 1- Micheal Buble Everything

Song 2- Isreal Kamakiwiwo’ole (IZ)’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow (This will be played from the CD rather than on the piano for Papa Austen and I’s walk down the aisle)

3. Recessional

Song 1- Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours

So there you have it, the music selections for the Austen-Darcy Wedding Ceremony. All the music will be played on the piano with the exception of the song for my trip down the aisle.

How did you pick your music for the ceremony? Was it all traditional selections or did you pick something a little different?


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Music to My Ears   4 comments

I love music. I love singing (even though I am tone deaf and can’t carry tune, just ask Papa Austen he often reminds me of this). I love rocking out to the radio in the car. Whenever I am unhappy singing my favorite tunes will usually turn my frown upside down. But let me clarify here, just because I love music and singing doesn’t mean I am musical connoisseur. In fact I am far from it. Now that you understand, I want to talk about some of our music selections. I figured I would start with the reception, because we have picked most of the songs (and we haven’t nailed down the ceremony music yet). So first up, the song for our grand entrance.

Yes, Mr. Darcy and I will be entering our reception to the Notre Dame Fight Song. Some of you may be scratching your head and asking why. The answer is simple. We love Notre Dame. Mr. Darcy bleeds blue and gold and I jump up and down and yell and scream at the TV, when Notre Dame is playing football. Mr. Darcy and I almost had a heart attack because we were screaming and yelling so much when Notre Dame beat USC in their own stadium. (Yeah that’s right we beat you in your own stadium. Hahaha!) Now I am done gloating. Besides our love of Notre Dame, there is nothing I love wearing for pajamas more than Mr. Darcy’s Notre Dame t-shirts. I even love them more than my Juicy Couture pjs. (Yes I love pajamas).

Moving on, our first dance song. This song was picked by Mr. Darcy and was one of his few requests.

I love this song. I love it when Mr. Darcy sings this song to me. It makes my heart melt. I am so happy this is the song Mr. Darcy and I will dance to for the first time as man and wife.

Next up, the cake cutting.

I love this song by Jack Johnson and it always makes me smile. And I am sure Mr. Darcy would agree, things are always better when we’re together.

Our last dance song. (Is it strange to pick the last song you will dance to at your reception?)

This song had great meaning to Mr. Darcy and I at one point in our relationship. I still love this song and thinks it’s a great dance song.

That’s what we have so far. We will be doing dances with our parents’ but those songs haven’t been selected yet. This is a difficult one for me, because whenever I think of the father-daughter dance I want to cry. I know will most certainly on the day of.

Was it easy to select the important songs for your reception? Did all the songs you select have special significance?

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Finding a DJ (aka the bane of my existence)   Leave a comment

So I have booked all our vendors, except for a DJ. To be completely honest I was all for an ipod reception, but Mama Austen absolutely insisted on having a DJ. After doing a lot of research regarding the issue, I am glad I listened. I started my search on the internet, the best friend of most brides. I found six DJs with good reviews and e-mailed all of them. Two weeks later no response, so I had Mr. Darcy make some phone calls. Still no response. I got on the internet again and found a new DJ to contact, High Flyin Entertainment. They emailed me back within a couple hours and I set up an appointment with Mike during Mama Austen’s and I last trip to Vegas. Our meeting with Mike went very well. He asked about the types of music we would like to play and shared the packages they offered with us. They offer two packages a basic one and a premium one. Mama Austen and I wanted the basic one and we wanted Mike to be our DJ, since he was the one we met with. Well after informing Mike we were ready to book with the basic package, but that we wanted him to be our DJ. Mike let me know that the only way I could guarantee him as our DJ was if we paid twice as much for the premium package. I did not want or need the extra services offered in the premium package. I did not end up booking with High Flyin Entertainment, because of this. I really am disappointed with this. I really liked Mike and felt like he was a good fit, but was unwilling to spend an extra $500. Now I am back on the search for a DJ. Did you ever have a vendor try to pull a bait and switch on you?

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