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The Ceremony Style   Leave a comment

I figured I would talk about something that has been in the back of mind since booking the Mandalay Bay Chapel for the ceremony. How to make a fluid event out of our two, very different events (ceremony and cocktail reception)? I eventually decided to look at them as two different events. Each would have their own defining characteristics.

I chose Mandalay Bay because it reminded so much of my favorite parts of Hawaii (where my immediately family truly considers home), the beautiful greenery and the cascading waterfalls. I love the tropical and relaxed atmosphere of the place. I thought it would be the perfect setting that made it possible to include all of the Hawaiian traditions that are so important to me during ceremony:

1. Getting married in a circle of orchids

2. Hawaiian lei exchange

3. The reading of the Hawaiian Marriage Prayer

4. Recessional to the Hawaiian wedding song (sung by Elvis and completely appropriate for Vegas)

As a reminder, here is a picture of what the chapel looks like.  The view through the window is the area of greenery with the cascading waterfalls. 

So the plan is to have Mr. Darcy paint a custom aisle runner (he was an art major in school), and have each guest place a single orchid in a circle at the front of the chapel for Mr. Darcy and I to get married in. That’s it for decor. Simple, sweet, and personalized. Mr. Darcy and I will then exchange traditional vows, then my Uncle will read the Hawaiian marriage prayer, and we will do our lei exchange and ring exchange. Or something along those lines. Then will be the recessional with the Hawaiian wedding song by Elvis.

I wanted to make sure that the ceremony wasn’t just about my cultural traditions, but Mr. Darcy’s as well. So after talking to Mr. Darcy, we have decided we will somehow incorporate the tossing of dried lavender into the recessional. The tossing of herbs at the bride and groom is a Polish tradition and the lavender is Mr.Darcy’s deceased grandmother’s favorite flower. I thought this would be a fitting tribute.

Is anyone else incorporating cultural traditions into their ceremony?


The Venue Part 2   Leave a comment

On the second day Mama Austen and I headed down to the strip. Our first stop the Wedding Salon at the Wynn.

This beautiful garden is where I so had my heart set on getting married. But if it were to rain, a possibility in November, we would be stuck inside and out the $1,000 extra we paid for the outside venue. Not something Mama Austen was thrilled about. So we moved on to the next venue, The Chapel at Mandalay Bay. Then there it was the Platinum Chapel.

Do you see that? There in the window. Its trees. Yeah for bringing the outdoors in. I get the best of both worlds. The gorgeous outdoors and no stuffy chapel as a back-up plan. Mama Austen is okay with the decision. I guess she doesn’t quite see my vision yet, but in time she will.

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