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Picking Colors   Leave a comment

How do you pick colors for your wedding, when the reception room looks like this:

Mezzanine Level of the Trevi Restaurant

As you can see the room is full of lovely warm hues with a hint of blue. So what’s a bride to do? Find colors that will look beautiful in the room without clashing or blending into the room. My solution:

Crimson Red


Dark Teal


Golden Honey


That’s it, our wedding colors.


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Finding a Reception Venue   Leave a comment

 Mama Austen and I have been in search of a reception venue. We had crossed anywhere at Mandalay Bay off the list. Now we had a couple other restaurants to look at. Restaurants with private rooms that accommodate us all. First up, Maggiano’s LIttle Italy:

Outside of Maggiano's at Fashion Show Mall

Maggiano's Little Italy Banquet Room

Here is my take on Maggiano’s Little Italy-


1. The food is super delicious.

2. It’s affordable.

3. The portions are huge and nobody will go hungry.

4. Offer a variety of packages some even include the cake and bar.


1. The chairs and the table linens. I really didn’t like them. This means I would have to rent new ones.

2. The view from the last window is a half finished building and an empty lot.

This is a viable option.

Next up Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab

Banquet Room at Joe's


1. Beautiful View

2. Nice Place Settings

3. Room is in the Round

4. Great Lighting Fixture


1. No Room for Dancing

2. Again the chairs and linens

Last and final option, Trevi Restaurant at the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops-

Trevi Restaurant

View from the Room

View of Downstairs
Do you see all the gorgeousness? My mom and I were instantly in love. This room is just so unique and different. So now you have it, our reception location. I know it’s nontraditional, but it’s just an incredible room. The only time slot available was for 2:30pm, so we are going to have a cocktail style party. This is a good thing because there wouldn’t be room for dancing if we had a sit down meal.

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Reception Venue Part 1   Leave a comment

So Mama Austen came to an agreement on the ceremony location. I think she is warming up to the idea of Mandalay Bay more because the lovely coordinator, Hobyn, sent her a lovely e-mail. Thank goodness for kind wedding vendors, they make all the difference in the world. You’re probably asking yourself what this has to do with the reception venue, well I am getting to that. The first idea was to have an in-suite reception. In-suite receptions are common for Las Vegas brides, at least they seem to be on the knot Las Vegas board. The problem with an in-suite reception is that we have too many guests. Our guest list topped off right at 130. We actually did a relatively good job with the guest list considering the size of my family. Poor Mr. Austen has a family of five. When I say five, I mean everyone, including his uncle, his mother, his sister, and his brother-in-law. So the majority of our guest list consists of my large family. Heavens, I am getting side tracked. The second option was to have the reception at Mandalay Bay, either in a restaurant or in one their ballrooms. The restaurant option was not considered and put aside because there was no restaurant that was large enough to give us a completely private area and we would not be able to have dancing. The second option was a ballroom. As I told you previously Mama Austen and I are not particularly fond of ballrooms. Not that the ballrooms at Mandalay Bay weren’t pretty. They were large with high ceilings, but it’s a ballroom and Mama Austen and I find hotel ballrooms to be impersonal and either too large or claustrophobic. This is just my opinion, so I don’t mean to offend you if your wedding is taking place in a ballroom. They’re just not my thing. So alas, there is no reception location today. Perhaps when we visit the upcoming Las Vegas Bridal Show, Mama Austen, Mrs. Sprinkle, Ms. Cake (Mama Austen’s best friend of over forty years), and myself will be attending.

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Finding the Venue   Leave a comment

Since we have very dear friends, the Sprinkles, who live in North Las Vegas when Mama Austen and I decided to make a trip to Vegas to search for a wedding venue we stayed with them. Mrs. Sprinkle, Mama Austen, and I headed out on day 1 with the idea of dropping by the JW Marriott in Summerlin. Let me just show some of this yummy goodness.

Ceres Restaurant

View from Ceres

I am mean really look at that restaurant, chandelier, beautiful view, wood beams in ceiling. This is not a traditional ballroom and seeing as neither my mom or I like traditional ballrooms, this venue was a great fit.

Check out this second option. Wouldn’t it be lovely for a brunch or lunch reception?

Marabella Room

As much as I loved this venue. It’s just not what I really wanted.

If we were going to have a destination wedding in Vegas, I wanted it to be in Vegas. Although neither Mr. Darcy or I are big partiers, drinkers, or gamblers, this is our wedding weekend and I want it to be fun. So we went to lunch and contemplated our next day of appointments.