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Etsy Saves the Day Again…   1 comment

So a few posts back I showed you a couple invite ideas we had for the wedding. Well, Mr. Darcy, Mama Austen, and I all decided book themed invites would be perfect. So after doing some research, I decided I would be DIYing our invites, kind of what I was trying to avoid. Another Etsy search later I had partially eliminated my DIY issue. I found this lovely piece at a wonderful price.

Printable Book Lover Wedding Invite


These are from seller KwirkCreative. Aren’t they cute? I am so in love. So here is the plan for putting it all together.

1. The invites (pictured above)

2. Penguin Post Cards as the RSVP cards


3. Book Plate Insersts


There’s all the elements with their book theme, but I also have plans for packaging them. So I found a few inspiration photos on my favorite wedding blog, Wedding Bee.



Do you see the pattern? Belly Bands, Twine, and Hanging Tags. So there you have it our Semi-DIY invitation suite inspiration. Mr. Darcy will be making the belly bands. I will be cutting out the hanging tags and insert cards, Mama Austen will be addressing the envelopes and writing out the RSVP cards (if we can’t devise a way to print them). Then we will set-up an assembly line to put all the elements together. So we all have our jobs. Ready, Set, Go!

Were your invites a team effort? Did you order them from an invite company, completely DIY, or semi-DIY them?


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Picking the Men’s Attire   1 comment

This particular part of wedding planning wasn’t to far up on my list, OMG this has to be perfect. Mr. Darcy is by no means any kind of fashionista. He prefers to wear shorts and a Bass Pro Shop t-shirt on all occasions. I sometimes ask him to switch to jeans and a button-up, but not often. I figured I worry about it when the time came to order such things. Then Mrs. Sewing offered to send Mr. Sewing with Mr. Darcy on his shopping adventure and all was forgotten, ’til now. I received a coupon/mailing from Men’s Wearhouse offering their standard special of $40 off all tux rentals and free tux rental/ suit for the groom for every five that are rented. This got me thinking about the duds that the Darcy party will be donning the day of some more. We had a few options.

The ever more popular (plastered across the wedding blogs) three piece suit.


As presented here by some of Hollywood’s leading men. This option was never really an option, because Mr. Darcy is a big and tall kind of guy and this dapper suit would look kind of small and tight on him.

The next option was a tux.

Joseph and Feiss One Button Notch Lapel


This is a perfectly acceptable option and I think Mr. Darcy would look pretty sweet in a tux, maybe a little bit less formal (i.e. without the vest).

The next option (my personal favorite) is a suit.

Calvin Klein Shadow Stripe Two Button Super 100s Notch Lapel


I personally think a suit would be a great investment for Mr. Darcy. He will have numerous occasions to wear it in his life and we could have it tailored to fit him, giving him the best look possible.

In the end it will be up to Mr. Darcy and he will choose what he likes best and I am sure when I see him in it I will fall in love with him all over again. (On a different note I love that Men’s Wearhouse commercial, “When everyone is looking at her, she will be looking at you.”)

Were you overly concerned by your partner’s attire for the wedding day? Did you give any input? What did s/he ultimately end up choosing?

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Music to My Ears   4 comments

I love music. I love singing (even though I am tone deaf and can’t carry tune, just ask Papa Austen he often reminds me of this). I love rocking out to the radio in the car. Whenever I am unhappy singing my favorite tunes will usually turn my frown upside down. But let me clarify here, just because I love music and singing doesn’t mean I am musical connoisseur. In fact I am far from it. Now that you understand, I want to talk about some of our music selections. I figured I would start with the reception, because we have picked most of the songs (and we haven’t nailed down the ceremony music yet). So first up, the song for our grand entrance.

Yes, Mr. Darcy and I will be entering our reception to the Notre Dame Fight Song. Some of you may be scratching your head and asking why. The answer is simple. We love Notre Dame. Mr. Darcy bleeds blue and gold and I jump up and down and yell and scream at the TV, when Notre Dame is playing football. Mr. Darcy and I almost had a heart attack because we were screaming and yelling so much when Notre Dame beat USC in their own stadium. (Yeah that’s right we beat you in your own stadium. Hahaha!) Now I am done gloating. Besides our love of Notre Dame, there is nothing I love wearing for pajamas more than Mr. Darcy’s Notre Dame t-shirts. I even love them more than my Juicy Couture pjs. (Yes I love pajamas).

Moving on, our first dance song. This song was picked by Mr. Darcy and was one of his few requests.

I love this song. I love it when Mr. Darcy sings this song to me. It makes my heart melt. I am so happy this is the song Mr. Darcy and I will dance to for the first time as man and wife.

Next up, the cake cutting.

I love this song by Jack Johnson and it always makes me smile. And I am sure Mr. Darcy would agree, things are always better when we’re together.

Our last dance song. (Is it strange to pick the last song you will dance to at your reception?)

This song had great meaning to Mr. Darcy and I at one point in our relationship. I still love this song and thinks it’s a great dance song.

That’s what we have so far. We will be doing dances with our parents’ but those songs haven’t been selected yet. This is a difficult one for me, because whenever I think of the father-daughter dance I want to cry. I know will most certainly on the day of.

Was it easy to select the important songs for your reception? Did all the songs you select have special significance?

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Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test   Leave a comment

(From my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast). One of Mr. Darcy and I’s biggest priorities through out the wedding planning process has been making sure our guests’ are taken care of. We have come up with a multi-faceted plan to ensure all of them know how special they are to us and know how thankful we are that they took time out their busy schedules to be with us on our big day (weekend). So here is Mr. Darcy and Miss Austen’s How to Take Care of Your Guest for a destination wedding 101:

1. Take the time to schedule extra events with your guests, but don’t book up all their time.- Mr. Darcy and I will be hosting a meet and greet on Friday night, which includes a double decker bus tour of Las Vegas and drinks for all our guests. We will have exclusive access to the bus and be making spots at the following areas: 1. Las Vegas Sign, 2. Downtown for the Fremont Street Experience, 3. Treasure Island’s Pirate Show/ Mirage Volcano Eruption, and 4. Bellagio Fountains. Yeah this may seem a little cheesy to some, but for Mr. Darcy and I it was a way to be able to spend some extra quality time with our guests without breaking the bank and getting to experience Vegas. We also be having an impromptu morning after brunch. We are still working details on this. We will either just have an open house style continental breakfast in Mama and Papa Austen’s suite and let guest know they can stop by for juice, coffee, and croissants and spend a last few moments with the newlyweds before they leave or we will set up a time for all our guests to meet up with us at the buffet at the hotel.


2. Set-up a hotel block.- Mr. Darcy set-up a hotel block at Mandalay Bay,where all events for the weekend are centered around. Our guests do not have to stay there, but the option is there and the rooms are discounted. We are also considering setting up a second one at the Luxor or Excalibur, which both connect to Mandalay Bay via monorail.


3. Provide transportation for your guests.- We will be providing buses to our guests to transport them from the ceremony location, Mandalay Bay, to the reception location, Caesar’s Palace. We will only be providing transportation to the reception, because we want our guests to have the freedom to traipse around Vegas, when the reception is over. We will have one small bus to take small children and their parents and elderly guests back to Mandalay Bay immediately following the receptions’ conclusion.


4. Make your guests feel welcome.- We will be providing our guests with welcome bags filled with yummy snacks, water, hangover kit, local magazine, Las Vegas strip map, and welcome note. Talk to the concierge of the hotel, where you are staying they will probably give you free local printed materials to put in your bags. The welcome boxes will be delivered to guest’s rooms after they check-in.

There you have it, all the ways Mr. Darcy and I are trying to make our guests feel welcome, taken care of, and special, as they share in our special day.

Are you doing anything special to take care of your guests? Do you have any other suggestions?

What’s in a Name…   1 comment

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Yes now I busted out some Shakespeare out on you, let me tell you the dilemma Mr. Darcy and I face. We can’t decide upon a last name. And when I say we, I mean we. See it’s really quite complicated, because neither Mr. Darcy nor I have last names of people that we actually share any blood relation with. It goes like this: Papa Austen was adopted by his father’s sister, when he was younger, but she was married to another man. Therefore Papa Austen took his adopted father’s name, now Papa Austen has no contact with his adopted father and hasn’t for a long time. He has talked about changing his name to his family name, many times. So therefore Miss Austen’s (me)  name is not really the same as any of my family’s. Now Mr. Darcy was also adopted by his stepfather, whom he had a tumultuous relationship with, and has his last name. Mr. Darcy has no contact with anyone from his stepfather’s  side of the family either. So you see neither one of us have last names that actually belong to blood relatives. So now that’s all cleared up, now on to the dilemma. Mr. Darcy and I want to share the same last name, because we want to both have the same last name of our future children. So what name to go with. Mr. Darcy and I have come up with this list of options.

1. Mr. Darcy changes his last name to his mother’s maiden name and then I will take that as my last name. This is a particularly appealing choice, because Mr. Darcy’s uncle (his mother’s only sibling) had no children and therefore no one from his primary family will be carrying on this name.

2. Mr. Darcy takes my last name. Although my last name is not really based on blood relations, I still love it and want to keep it.

3. Mr. Darcy and I take the last name of Papa Austen’s father or his mother’s maiden name.

For right now, we unsure of what we will choose and what will be best for us, but whatever choice we make Mr. Darcy and I will be sharing a last name.

Do you have some crazy family dynamics, when it comes to your last name? Did you change your last name when you got married?

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Gifting my Ladies   3 comments

Mrs. Sewing I know you read this blog on a regular basis, so this is forewarning, that goes for you too L and A, if you don’t want to have any idea of what your bridesmaid gifts will be, scram. P.S. I love you all very much.

For me one of the hardest decisions I have had to make is about the bridesmaid gifts (and I still have not decided, so there). There are generally two schools of thought on this topic and neither one is wrong in my opinion.

1. Go shopping for them like it’s their birthday and buy them something personal that has nothing to do with the wedding.

2. Buy them gifts that are part of the wedding i.e. jewelry and accessories.

I personally love the idea of gift bags, because I love tote bags and who wouldn’t want one filled with goodies. So here in lies my dilemna, what to fill them with.

If I were to go with idea 1 then I would be purchasing Mrs. Sewing a lovely book of sewing patterns and a new cover for her kindle 2. Bridesmaid L would either get a trip to the spa or a lovely bottle of perfume and 3. Bridesmaid A would get some awesome MAC pro  make-up brushes. My logic behind these gifts is Mrs. Sewing two favorite pastimes are reading her Kindle and sewing, Bridesmaid L is a single mommy of two and could use a little luxury in her life, and Bridesmaid A is in cosmetology school to be a makeup artist.

If I were to go with idea 2 then I would be picking up a pair of these adorable earrings from Kate Spade’s wedding line Belles and Whistles.

Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings

Source: Kate Spade

I would also include emergency kits in gold Coach wristlets.

Coach Poppy Signature Wristlet

Source: Coach

One side of me says that I should buy my girls gifts that are personal and specific to them, the other part of me says I should save them some money and throw some awesome accessories into their gift bags. I personally would love to recieve these Kate Spade earrings and Coach wristlet, as part of a bridesmaid gift, but it’s not necessarily all my maids’ styles. What’s a girl to do? Did you find yourself in a quandry over the bridal party gifts? Did you give your wedding party gifts that were wedding specific/related?

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Practice Makes Perfect…Feeding People   1 comment

So now we have discussed where we will be rehearsing the ceremony (in my parents’ suite) now I have to figure out what to feed these people. I know really, how many event must a bride be expected to plan? Just kidding. I am totally going to feed all these very important people, who are taking part in the most important ceremony ever for both Mr. Darcy and I. The question is just what to feed them. Here are the options:

1. Yummy Italian food from Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Chicken Parmesan

Source: Maggianos

Pros:Their food is super yummy. They deliver and delivery includes set up and all utensils, plates, etc. They are budget friendly.

Cons: We are having Italian for the reception, although be it different style of Italian.

2. Jason’s Deli.

Loaded Baked Potato


Pros: This caterer offers everything from deli trays to chili and corn bread. They even have a potato bar package I am totally digging. (Caesar salad, potato bar with baked potato, chili, broccoli and cheese soup, sour cream, bacon, cheese, butter and green onions, and strawberry shortcake yum.)

Cons: They don’t bring all the extras with them.

3.  Pizza and Beer.


Pros: Cheap and Easy. Mama Austen loves the idea, although she will not partake of either.

Cons: I probably won’t eat because I don’t want to be bloated the next day.

I know there are other options, like Mexican (heartburn) or BBQ (bbq sauce and tutus don’t mix). What are you serving your VIPs at the rehearsal dinner?