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Guest Attire   2 comments

As I watched all the guests arrive for the royal wedding, I was very much impressed with most guests attire. The typical outfits were morning suits for the men, knee length dresses/suits and hats/fascinators for the women.

The Beckhams Source: Styleite

This had me thinking about my own guest’s attire for the wedding. I don’t know if brides really think about the attire of their guests’ outside of their wedding party, but their attire will also be captured in photos. Here are some of the things I hope not to see our guests wearing at our wedding.

Source: Chictopia

I really wish that the men do not show up with jeans and t-shirt on. I would really like the men to be in a button-up, tie, and slacks, but not necessarily a jacket. I want them to be comfortable, but not that comfortable.

Source: The Gloss

I really hope I will not have any female guests, sporting the hoochie mama dress. We are having a cocktail party and I hope the ladies will lovely cocktail dress, just not this short.

Ramona and Alex from the Real Housewives of New York City Source: Brass Stacks and Silver Charms

(Yes I watch the Real Housewives.) Wearing white is something I don’t wish my guest would do, but Mama Austen absolutely detests the idea that guests would wear white to wedding. She insists that if anybody wears white to the wedding, they will not be allowed in the photos. I love Mama Austen. She is a fierce mama.

Have you put any thought in to what your guests might wear to your wedding? Are you giving them guidelines?


Reflections on the Austen Darcy Wedding   Leave a comment

I am up currently (1:40 am my time) watching the arrival of guests to the royal wedding of Catherine and William. I am actually currently in Vegas with Mr. Darcy. We drove last night specifically so I could watch this anticipated event. Since nothing particularly interesting is on TV at this moment, I decided I would post. I have a confession to make this week my mantra for the wedding has been “I should of eloped.” Although I do not have wedding blues, I have had an overwhelming amount of personal stress lately. I am about to start a new job. I have a new boss at my old job, which I now will be moving. My father has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. My younger brother has some medical issues. It has just been stressful. This personal stress added with the wedding stress, has made for a very stressed Miss Austen. This stress has also placed a slight strain on Mr. Darcy. With that being said I am so glad Mr. Darcy and I left with just the two of us for Vegas. Although this will be a weekend filled with wedding activities, it will be a weekend with just Mr. Darcy and I. All my personal “stuff” is a reminder that life still happens, even when your planning a wedding. I guess at least I am not Kate Middleton and having my wedding played on TV for the world. I don’t think I could handle this kind of stress. I wish them both all the happiness in the world. One of the things that has come out of this trying period is that Mr. Darcy and I have made two decisions. 1. Mr. Darcy is going to be more helpful with the wedding. He is going to help with some of the research and projects. 2. Mr. Darcy and I are going to make more of an effort to take more weekends away just the two of us. At this point because I am taking a new job, I am unsure if we will be able to take a week after the wedding for a honeymoon. These get aways will have to due for now until we are able to figure out a honeymoon. Has the stress of a wedding ever seem to much? How did you handle it?

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Royal Wedding Predictions   Leave a comment

So if you are an avid Wedding Bee reader, like I am, or happen over to their site lately you will see a lot of bees have been posting their predictions for the royal wedding. So being inspired by all the lovely bees’ posts and my own undiluted pleasure at getting to witness a royal wedding, not to mention that of William and Catherine. I am totally in love with Kate and think she is perfectly adorable and down to earth and gorgeous and elegant and all the things a princess should be. So without further ado I bring you Miss Austen’s predictions for the royal wedding:

1. The Dress

The all important dress, this by far is the most anticipated wedding dress ever. I can’t wait to see Kate’s choice for the big day. Here is what I chose for her.

Monique Lluhillier Guilana Source: Kleinfield Bridal

I love the gorgeous cap sleeve, the accentuated waist, the lace corset top, and the pick-ups. To me this dress says modern princess. It’s elegant, timeless, modern, and will show off Kate’s gorgeous figure. Oooohhhh… utter perfection.

2. The Accessories

I know there has been some speculation that Kate will not be wearing a tiara for the wedding, but I must disagree. I think this would be the perfect something borrowed and shows the Queen’s blessing on the union. My pick for her:

The Strathmore Rose Tiara Source: Aestheticus Rex

This particular tiara was given to the late Queen Mother by her parents on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Albert on April 26, 1923. I think this tiara would be the perfect complement for Princess Catherine’s wedding day ensemble. It’s romantic and more simple than some of the other tiaras.

Grace Kelly on Her Wedding Day Source: Fashion Bride

I think Kate will be sporting a 10 foot veil (grand but not quite the length of Princess Diana’s) with lace detailing that matches her dress, a la Grace Kelly.

Jimmy Choo Regal Slingback Source: Nordstroms

I love these shoes by Jimmy Choo. I think they are the modern day version of the glass slipper.

3. Bridesmaid Dress

After Six Style 6588 in Palomino Source: Dessy Group

I think Kate will chose a floor length neutral colored gown in a beautiful fabric with large straps and v-neck for sister Pippa.

4. Flowers and Decor

I think Kate will have a lovely English garden look for all her florals with a neutral colored palette with some pastels added in. Here is what I imagine for her bouquet.

English Garden Rose Bouquet Source: Martha Stewart Weddngs

Painter's Palette Bouquet Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

I think she will have a lovely bouquet of English Garden Roses with a sprig of myrtle and some lily of the valley in beautiful neutral tones.

English Garden Centerpiece Source: Floral School New York

I think Kate will choose English garden themed centerpieces. I think the centerpieces will have all the best England’s gardens have to offer in a gorgeous neutral palette. I think they will be set upon elegant table settings in ivory and gold, similar to these.

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: I Do Inspiration

Instead of plain white china, sitting upon the glass chargers, there will be gold rimmed china.

5. The Wedding Cake

I again went to Martha for the wedding cake inspiration. I think the cake will be 5 or 7 tiers with an ivory and creme design.

Seven Tier Classic Wedding Cake Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Regal Piped Wedding Cake Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Whatever Kate’s choices, I am sure they will be elegant and timeless. I can’t wait for the Royal Wedding and will be up way before the sun rises to watch Kate become a princess and join Prince William in wedded bliss. Are you excited to witness the royal wedding? What are your predictions for the big day?

Wedding Blues   Leave a comment

Source: Make Your Own Wedding Board

Not these kind of wedding blues, but the wedding blues like the baby blues. Blame it on the budget issues, blame it on finals, blame it on hormones, blame it on whatever you like. The last couple of weeks I have been anti-wedding. You may have noticed my lack of posts last week and for the ones I did post, well they just weren’t that heart-felt. It happens to the best of us. My budget woes are done with for now and my finals are complete. I have a new job, I am starting in two weeks and I have a week off of school. With all the stress off I feel refreshed and have a whole list of things to share with you. Like a motif is emerging in our wedding design. I say motif, because I don’t want to call it a theme, because it is not an overall defining element of the wedding. The motif is vintage books. If you’re flashing back to images of my vintage book cake post, then you may have seen this coming. No we will not be having the vintage book cake, that Mama Austen so despised, but we will be incorporating in some lovely vintage style books into our decor. Just to give you a hint of what I have been cooking up, we will be decorating our sweetheart table with some of our favorite titles in vintage hardback style from Penguin Books. So please forgive me for my lack of inspiring posts this last week and know I am still with you and raring back to life. Did you have the wedding blues while planning your wedding? Did something inspire you to get back in the game?

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Going Over Budget   Leave a comment

Is their something inherent about wedding budgets, you always go over. I am continually looking at our budget, but it just seems that we are keep going over. Not supremely over, but a couple thousand over. I started with a budget of $15,000 then it went to $17,000 because of some extra money being kicked in from Mr. Darcy’s family, but the plain and simple fact of it no matter which way I look at the budget reads $19,000. This budget is feasible for Mr. Darcy and I without us going into debt, but still not where I wanted it. I have a couple options:

1. To cut some of my extras like the extra two hours of photography time and videography time

2. To cut the linens

3. To cut the amount of food and alcohol being served

4. To cut the guest list

I think I am going to go with a combination of all of it. Cutting back our guest list a little more, cutting some of our photography costs, cutting back on some of the linens (like for the guest book table), cutting an hors d’ oeuvres or two, and slashing a few more people off the guest list. How does this seemingly inevitable feat of going over budget happen? Well there simply costs we did not take into account, such as feeding the wedding party on the morning of and for the rehearsal (we will not be having the rehearsal in the chapel, but rather in Mama and Papa Austen’s suite). These are not big expenses, but when added in with the tipping, another $600, and other little expenses, like programs, a picture treatment for the stairs (more on this later), and signage. Did you have any small expenses you did not account for in your budget? Did it push your budget way over? Did you try to cut in other areas or just go with it?

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Finding a DJ (aka the bane of my existence)   Leave a comment

So I have booked all our vendors, except for a DJ. To be completely honest I was all for an ipod reception, but Mama Austen absolutely insisted on having a DJ. After doing a lot of research regarding the issue, I am glad I listened. I started my search on the internet, the best friend of most brides. I found six DJs with good reviews and e-mailed all of them. Two weeks later no response, so I had Mr. Darcy make some phone calls. Still no response. I got on the internet again and found a new DJ to contact, High Flyin Entertainment. They emailed me back within a couple hours and I set up an appointment with Mike during Mama Austen’s and I last trip to Vegas. Our meeting with Mike went very well. He asked about the types of music we would like to play and shared the packages they offered with us. They offer two packages a basic one and a premium one. Mama Austen and I wanted the basic one and we wanted Mike to be our DJ, since he was the one we met with. Well after informing Mike we were ready to book with the basic package, but that we wanted him to be our DJ. Mike let me know that the only way I could guarantee him as our DJ was if we paid twice as much for the premium package. I did not want or need the extra services offered in the premium package. I did not end up booking with High Flyin Entertainment, because of this. I really am disappointed with this. I really liked Mike and felt like he was a good fit, but was unwilling to spend an extra $500. Now I am back on the search for a DJ. Did you ever have a vendor try to pull a bait and switch on you?

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Planning a Wedding without an Inspiration Board…Part 3   Leave a comment

I have shared Mr. Darcy’s and I sources of inspiration for the big day, our venue and us. There are other important factors that have been a part of our decision making. One is our guests and the other is my parents, Mama and Papa Austen.

Our guests’ comfort has been one of Mr. Darcy and I’s top priorities. This has led us to make decisions such as, allowing and guest for all our friends and saying yes to kids (Mr. Darcy and I love children and our best friends kids are a huge part of our lives). Inviting children to our cocktail style party has led me to the decision that they need their own space at the reception, hence the kids’ table complete with kids’ boxes.

Gable Box for Kids' Table

I am unsure where I got this picture from, but these will be at the kids’ table and filled with snacks, juice box, crayons, slinky, and another small toy. The table itself will be covered in butcher paper (a la Macaroni Grill), so the kids can color and draw right on the table. Other decisions made for our guest comfort include hosting a meet and greet the night before, transportation to reception from ceremony, welcome boxes, after party, and morning after brunch. We have also set-up a hotel block for our guests. I want to ensure their every need is taken care of, while there. Mr. Darcy and I are of the opinion if they are going to travel Las Vegas to celebrate our union then we should take care to take care of them. The other big influence on our wedding are the decision makers.

The decision makers in this whole wedding planning process are myself, Mr. Darcy, Mama and Papa Austen. Mama Austen and I have done the bulk of the planning and decision making, but Mr. Darcy will give a head nod on everything and even Papa Austen has been in on the process (the cake). Even brother T and N have gotten in on the wedding planning process (more on this later). Many couples now days are taking the reigns on the decision making for their weddings, but for us this wasn’t the right approach for several reasons.

1. I am the oldest child and only daughter of Mama and Papa Austen.

2. Both Mr. Darcy and I are extremely close with my family.

3. Mama and Papa Austen are paying for half the wedding costs.

Even if Mama and Papa Austen weren’t paying for half the wedding I think they would still be very involved in the planning process, because that’s just the way we roll. So there you have it. This is how Mr. Darcy and I (and Mama and Papa Austen) have made the wedding decisions , thus far.

Whose making the decisions in your wedding planning process? Is it a family affair?