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Red, Hot Cake Pt. 3   Leave a comment

I have been really struggling with this cake thing for a while. Although a cake is not the hugest priority for me (other than it tasting yummy) I want the design to¬†aesthetically¬†fit our modern, vintage design. After discussing the coloring issue with Mama Austen, she came up with a brilliant idea. (Cake discussions with Mr. Darcy were frustrating, because his responses consisted of “That’s nice.” “Whatever you want, babe.”) We will be having a cool, blue cake instead of a red, hot cake. The reasoning, red is such a dominant color in our jewel toned reception room, so instead of playing up the red we are going to play up the blue. It will take the aqua/turquoise from a spectator accent color to full ,fledged player by putting it on a centerpiece, like the cake. Now I just have to tackle the design. I have it narrowed down to two designs. Our original pick, except in aqua/turquoise blue.


Our second choice is Frances, except in our aqua color.


The common theme here, obviously is the scroll work and the pearls. I love both designs, but feel the second fits our modern, vintage feel design better, but I love the look of the square tiers in the Nicole design. I think a square cake is more modern than round. So now we have the color we just need a design choice.

Which design do you like better? Did you have a hard time deciding on a cake design?


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