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Red, Hot Cake Pt. 3   Leave a comment

I have been really struggling with this cake thing for a while. Although a cake is not the hugest priority for me (other than it tasting yummy) I want the design to aesthetically fit our modern, vintage design. After discussing the coloring issue with Mama Austen, she came up with a brilliant idea. (Cake discussions with Mr. Darcy were frustrating, because his responses consisted of “That’s nice.” “Whatever you want, babe.”) We will be having a cool, blue cake instead of a red, hot cake. The reasoning, red is such a dominant color in our jewel toned reception room, so instead of playing up the red we are going to play up the blue. It will take the aqua/turquoise from a spectator accent color to full ,fledged player by putting it on a centerpiece, like the cake. Now I just have to tackle the design. I have it narrowed down to two designs. Our original pick, except in aqua/turquoise blue.


Our second choice is Frances, except in our aqua color.


The common theme here, obviously is the scroll work and the pearls. I love both designs, but feel the second fits our modern, vintage feel design better, but I love the look of the square tiers in the Nicole design. I think a square cake is more modern than round. So now we have the color we just need a design choice.

Which design do you like better? Did you have a hard time deciding on a cake design?


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Red, Hot Cake Part 2   Leave a comment

So remember my wedding nightmare about the red cake, well we may have found a solution for the red cake. When I showed Mr. Darcy my two favorite red wedding cakes, he was totally digging the first one. Mama Austen, on the other hand, was not so thrilled with the idea. So after talking with Mr. Darcy for some time we thought what if we just took the design on our original cake and make it red? Ingenious, right? So that’s the new plan.


Instead of the round Nicole cake we will have a square cake with red ribbon and red swirls and fondant pearls with pretty iridescent paint, instead of piped on ones.

How did you pick out your wedding cake design? How many rounds of revisions did it undergo?

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Adventures in Cake- Take 1   2 comments

Warning: This post may induce the need to consume chocolate, cupcakes, cake, or cookies. It shouldn’t be read if you are trying to avoid such items and maintain a proper diet. I know this from personal experience.

So after blowing our budget on our Oh-So-Awesome Photo Booth, I scoured our budget to look for places to cut. One solution cut the cake budget, but before we could do that we had to try some cake. Option 1: Las Vegas Cake Designs. Super reasonable prices and beautiful cakes.

I called them on Mama Austen and I’s drive to Vegas to order 5 tasting cakes. I chose chocolate with raspberry mousse, lemon with raspberry, white cake with strawberry, marble cake with chocolate Bavarian cream, and red velvet cream cheese. LV Cake Designs’ standard icing is a non-dairy whip, so we kept that as the icing on the cakes. When Mama Austen and I arrived, we were greeted by Dawn and the aroma of yummy baked goodies. Dawn rang up our five tasting cakes and helped us carry them to the car. (Mr. Darcy did not, and still does not,  understand why we have to pay for a cake tasting. I tried to explain to him that this was to help cover the cost of the ingredients and that whomever we ordered the cake with would apply this money towards the actual wedding cake.) So let’s see some cake Baby:

Personal Pic- Lemon cake with Raspberry

Personal Pic- Marble Cake with Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Personal Pic- Red Velvet with Cream Cheese

Personal Pic- Chocolate with Raspberry Mousse

Personal Pic- White Cake with Strawberry

 These boxes were fairly big for tasting cakes, but I wasn’t worried because I knew the Sprinkles, Mama Austen, and I were up for the challenge. When we attempted to opened them (this is more challenging than it looks, as you may be able to tell from some of the pics as the bakery packs those cakes for no-damage traveling), my desire to taste the cake that may potentially be our wedding cake flavor, made the cardboard boxes seem like extreme impediments to my goal. Successfully making it through the packaging, we found this, a six-inch round tasting cake.

Personal Pic- Six Inch Tasting Cake from Las Vegas Cake Designs

Yep, we had five of these babies to eat. I was quite excited to slice into them and when I did this is what I found.

Personal Pic- Lemon Cake with Raspberry

This is Mama Austen’s favorite. Of course Mama and Papa Austen are both die-hard lemon cake fans, so this was a must have flavor, when sampling cake.

Personal Pic- Red Velvet with Cream Cheese

So at first this wasn’t my favorite. I am by no means saying I didn’t like it. I just found it to be a bit underwhelming, but according to Mama Austen (whom hails from a strong southern background) this is the way red velvet is supposed to taste. After a few more bites I began to appreciate the cakes lack of overwhelming cocoa powder, besides what I do know about red velvet cake I am a SoCal gal through and through. This is a definite potential flavor.

Personal Pic- Marble Cake with Chocolate Bavarian Cream

I really liked this cake, but it did not seem like wedding cake. I don’t what wedding cake is supposed to seem like, but the yellow and chocolate marble cake isn’t what I imagined would be in a wedding cake.

Personal Pic- Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Mousse

This cake was so yummy. I loved the chocolate cake, but I wish I had them make it with the strawberry filling instead. It would have been like chocolate covered strawberries. Definitely one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted.

Personal Pic- White Cake with Strawberry

I saved my favorite for last. I am totally in love with this cake. When I think of wedding cake I think of white cake with fruit filling. This is also my favorite flavor of cake for any time.

Overall I loved LV Cake Designs. The cake was super yummy, moist, and light. The frosting was not overwhelmingly sugary. My only draw back or hesitation is the lack of creative flavors. All the flavors are traditional, there is no hazelnut cake or apricot filling no tiramasu or german chocolate. I have a desire to try something a little different. Even a white cake with strawberry filling and a champagne soak. I am just not sure yet. More cake will definitely needs to be tasted.

How many cake tastings did you do before you knew you found the one?