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My biggest issue in life and more specifically in wedding planning is I am indecisive. I will make a decision, but I still will keep looking at other options and wonder if it’s a better choice. A perfect example of this is the cake. Even though we have found several designs we (Mama Austen, Mr. Darcy, and I) all love, but I still find myself obsessing over cake designs. Today, I am being indecisive over the cake topper. My first moment of indecision is whether or not we should have a cake topper or not. My second bit of indecision is regarding what design of cake topper. So here are my options.

Option 1: Mudcards on Etsy

I love these cake toppers. They are so cute and totally customized. There are so many options, we could have books (book theme), Vegas, or me with a laptop and Mr. Darcy with a fishing pole. My favorite part about these pieces is that she customizes them to look like you and your fiance from the hair and eye color to the dress. This is such a personalized option.





I love all the different options and think these cake toppers would be a true reflection of Mr. Darcy and I. My only drawback is that I am not sure this cake topper will fit on our elegant cake. Do I change the design of the cake to get a cake topper I love?

Option 2: Lenox Disney’s Mickey and Friends “Minnie’s Dream Wedding” Figurine


I love this option, because Disneyland plays a big role in Mr. Darcy and I’s relationship. It is the first place Mr. Darcy and I said I love you. We are both Disney freaks, also. This one also would fit the elegant look of our cake design.

Option 3- A Sparkly Monogram

I totally love this option. It’s sparkly and Mr. Darcy can testify to the fact, that I love sparkle. This cake topper is totally my taste and not Mr. Darcy’s.


What’s a girl to do?

Were you indecisive about wedding decisions? How did you finally make a choice?


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