Picking Details and Even Saving Money…The Stationary   1 comment

So last time I left off, Mama Austen and I had a “Come to Jesus Meeting,” complete with tears and yelling. So after this I decided to show Mama Austen all I had been up to over the past couple months. Everything from my three page DIY project list to the invites to the floral design (which I only have a remote idea in my mind how it will all look) to the 45 page ceremony pack I have to fill out for The Chapel at Mandalay Bay. So I showed her the invites I had fallen in love with and we came to a decision together on this important element. (Wedding Invitations are SUPER important to me!!!! They are the first official glance our guests will get of the Big Day.) So here are some of the ones we looked at:

Printable Press Damask

Printable Press Picnic


Printable Press Type Written Note


Wedding Paper Divas Vision of Love

Mama Austen and I decided upon the lovely Damask from Printable Press with Dark Teal damask print and crimson center with white text. I could just see it print on lovely white 110 lb. cardstock. Well with printing and design fees for our invitation suite (invite, reply postcard, insert card, and thank you card) we were looking around $350. Yikes!!! That was more money than I alloted in our budget for all the stationary (programs, save-the-dates, etc.). But I had purposely built extra cushion into our budget for exactly this reason. Well plans changed. Yesterday Mama Austen and I were walking around Micheals searching for materials for the save-the-dates (I promise my DIY project post on this is coming up. These babies are just a bigger project than I originally anticipated), when I stumbled upon these babies in the clearance section.

Anna Griffin Navy Harlequin

I sweeped these babies up for $16 for a set of 30 with my 20% off coupon. With a few alterations ( I am going to print them landscape, round the corners, lose the ribbon, do a dark teal matte, and pull all the items together with a gold belly band) these babies will be what my guests will be getting these in the mail. What will I be doing with the $300 dollars I just saved myself? Why booking two extra hours of photography with our awesome photographers (more about them later). Oh the glory of yummy stationary and extra photography hours!!!!

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