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Wedding planning has highlighted some qualities about myself, that I knew existed before, but tried to deny. There not necessarily horrible things, just things I have become more aware of during the planning process.

1. I am indecisive.- I would never characterize myself as this, but I really am. I have a hard time making a decision and just leaving it be. I always continue to look and wonder if there is a better option.

2. I am nosy.- I always tell my fiance I hate suprises, but this really isn’t true. I really don’t like knowing things. For instance, I know nothing about my wedding shower except the date and time. Since I love Mrs. Sewing I have promised her this will remain so and I will not snoop around to find out the details. This has been desperately hard.

3. My family’s input and approval is extremely important.- I have firm ideas about what I want (just not always sure the best way to execute them), but I really do want Mama and Papa Austen and Mr. Darcy to love them, also. For example, I really want a square cake. I think they’re more modern and simple looking, but Papa Austen really doesn’t like them. So when Mama Austen, Grandma Sprinkle, and I head off to our cake appointment tomorrow we will be looking for a round design with ribbon borders and some scroll work.

Did you learn any lessons about yourself during the wedding planning process?


Posted July 29, 2011 by kcoleybear in Miss Austen

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