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Gifting my Ladies   3 comments

Mrs. Sewing I know you read this blog on a regular basis, so this is forewarning, that goes for you too L and A, if you don’t want to have any idea of what your bridesmaid gifts will be, scram. P.S. I love you all very much.

For me one of the hardest decisions I have had to make is about the bridesmaid gifts (and I still have not decided, so there). There are generally two schools of thought on this topic and neither one is wrong in my opinion.

1. Go shopping for them like it’s their birthday and buy them something personal that has nothing to do with the wedding.

2. Buy them gifts that are part of the wedding i.e. jewelry and accessories.

I personally love the idea of gift bags, because I love tote bags and who wouldn’t want one filled with goodies. So here in lies my dilemna, what to fill them with.

If I were to go with idea 1 then I would be purchasing Mrs. Sewing a lovely book of sewing patterns and a new cover for her kindle 2. Bridesmaid L would either get a trip to the spa or a lovely bottle of perfume and 3. Bridesmaid A would get some awesome MAC pro  make-up brushes. My logic behind these gifts is Mrs. Sewing two favorite pastimes are reading her Kindle and sewing, Bridesmaid L is a single mommy of two and could use a little luxury in her life, and Bridesmaid A is in cosmetology school to be a makeup artist.

If I were to go with idea 2 then I would be picking up a pair of these adorable earrings from Kate Spade’s wedding line Belles and Whistles.

Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings

Source: Kate Spade

I would also include emergency kits in gold Coach wristlets.

Coach Poppy Signature Wristlet

Source: Coach

One side of me says that I should buy my girls gifts that are personal and specific to them, the other part of me says I should save them some money and throw some awesome accessories into their gift bags. I personally would love to recieve these Kate Spade earrings and Coach wristlet, as part of a bridesmaid gift, but it’s not necessarily all my maids’ styles. What’s a girl to do? Did you find yourself in a quandry over the bridal party gifts? Did you give your wedding party gifts that were wedding specific/related?


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