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So in an effort to show you I am not so uncommitted to my task of planning Mr. Darcy and I’s wedding I wanted to show you we have made some progress with some wedding decisions, two in fact. Our rehearsal dinner food and the bridesmaid gifts (Mrs. Sewing, BM L, and BM A there will be a warning for you to leave later, because I really like for these to be a surprise). So first up the rehearsal dinner. You may remember back in this post that we were struggling to figure out what to feed our guests. Well a few weekends ago Mr. Darcy and I went to visit his mama and we headed off to lunch at BJ’s Restraunt and Brewhouse, where I order their Classic Giant Stuffed Baked Potato. It was so yummy and huge (Mr. Darcy finished it for me). I loved it. On our way home I quickly reminded Mr. Darcy of our pending decision regarding feeding people at the rehearsal, since he was trapped in a car with me and couldn’t avoid the decision. I reminded him of the giant stuffed potato bar from Jason’s Deli and how that would be so yummy, just like lunch today. He quickly agreed that he thought that would be the best course of action. Yeah for quick, painless decision making with Mr. Darcy! So just a reminder of the food will be serving at the in-suite rehearsal dinner.

Loaded Baked Potato


Mrs. Sewing, BM A, and BM L please stop reading this post at this time. The below information is a surprise for you and will be presented to you in November.

Good now that my most important ladies are gone, I can share with you what they will be getting for participating in the Austen-Darcy wedding. I told you before, that I wanted to make up some awesome swag bags for these ladies. So here’s what I have decided upon.

1. The Tote Bag- The most useful and awesome part of this whole this whole shebang.

Bath and Body Works Reusable Tote Bag


I love these babies. I own several. They fold up into small little squares, so you can pop into your purse and pull them out when you need them. Plus, they come in all comes of different designs. Pretty and Useful.

2. Bath and Body Works Minis- I wanted to give them a little something yummy to use on their weekend trip for the wedding, and who doesn’t love smelly bath things.

Mini Travel Set


3. Mini Travel Candle from Bath and Body Works- To make sure their hotel room smells yummy.

Bath and Body Works 1.6 oz Candle


Of course I will add in a book of matches, so they can light this baby.

4. Rose Salve- This all purpose beauty remedy is a personal fave of mine and I think everyone should have one stashed in their purse.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve


5. Lounge Socks- These babies are infused with shea and lavender. In the cold months I wear these babies all the time. They keep my feet soft and warm.

Bath and Body Works Lavender and Shea Infused Lounge Socks


6. Robe- I love photos of bridesmaids and brides getting ready in coordinating robes. Then I saw this post from Miss Bunting over on wedding bee and fell head-over-heels in love. I mean look at this picture, who wouldn’t want to be in one of these robes or have photos like this.


So consequently each of my ladies will be receiving one of these gorgeous kimono style robes from Plum Pretty Sugar.

7. Kate Spade Earrings for the Day of the Wedding- I know some wouldn’t consider this a gift, because they are for the wedding, but they are going in their bags. I personally think these earrings are totally re-wearable and hope they get some post-wedding use, they are Kate Spade after all. At the very least, I feel like it’s one less thing for my ladies to have to stress about.

Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings in Blue


8. Scarf- This last gift will only appear in Mrs. Sewing’s bag. It will be a special thank you for all her hard work and support.

J. Crew Refined Silk Cashmere Scarf


Were you able to solve your wedding planning dilemmas quickly in order to make progress? Were seemingly minor tasks, such as choosing the rehearsal dinner fare and picking bridesmaids gifts, more time conmsuming than you thought?





Gifting my Ladies   3 comments

Mrs. Sewing I know you read this blog on a regular basis, so this is forewarning, that goes for you too L and A, if you don’t want to have any idea of what your bridesmaid gifts will be, scram. P.S. I love you all very much.

For me one of the hardest decisions I have had to make is about the bridesmaid gifts (and I still have not decided, so there). There are generally two schools of thought on this topic and neither one is wrong in my opinion.

1. Go shopping for them like it’s their birthday and buy them something personal that has nothing to do with the wedding.

2. Buy them gifts that are part of the wedding i.e. jewelry and accessories.

I personally love the idea of gift bags, because I love tote bags and who wouldn’t want one filled with goodies. So here in lies my dilemna, what to fill them with.

If I were to go with idea 1 then I would be purchasing Mrs. Sewing a lovely book of sewing patterns and a new cover for her kindle 2. Bridesmaid L would either get a trip to the spa or a lovely bottle of perfume and 3. Bridesmaid A would get some awesome MAC pro  make-up brushes. My logic behind these gifts is Mrs. Sewing two favorite pastimes are reading her Kindle and sewing, Bridesmaid L is a single mommy of two and could use a little luxury in her life, and Bridesmaid A is in cosmetology school to be a makeup artist.

If I were to go with idea 2 then I would be picking up a pair of these adorable earrings from Kate Spade’s wedding line Belles and Whistles.

Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings

Source: Kate Spade

I would also include emergency kits in gold Coach wristlets.

Coach Poppy Signature Wristlet

Source: Coach

One side of me says that I should buy my girls gifts that are personal and specific to them, the other part of me says I should save them some money and throw some awesome accessories into their gift bags. I personally would love to recieve these Kate Spade earrings and Coach wristlet, as part of a bridesmaid gift, but it’s not necessarily all my maids’ styles. What’s a girl to do? Did you find yourself in a quandry over the bridal party gifts? Did you give your wedding party gifts that were wedding specific/related?

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