Finding my Bridal Beauty Look, The Hair   1 comment

So I showed Mama Austen the makeup look I was liking from Anne’s red carpet looks and she didn’t like the lipstick. She prefer a berry or deep burgundy. I told her that we could make that change and then showed her the different hair placement I was considering for the up-do. For the style I wanted a bun with texture, like these.



The choices for placement are at the crown (as seen in the first picture), at the nape of the neck (as seen in the second picture), or more centered. Mama Austen and I both agreed that a more centered bun , like the one pictured below, would work best.


Mr. Darcy wanted the bun to be at the crown, but he also thinks it’s adorable if I wear my ponytail like this.


Although, while showing Mama Austen different pictures of hairstyles, she picked out this romantic up-do with a loose braid.


Now I am not sure which look I want.

How did you decide how to wear your hair for the big day? Who help decide?

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One response to “Finding my Bridal Beauty Look, The Hair

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  1. I say you should ALWAYS listen to your mother!

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