Finding My Bridal Beauty Look, The Make-Up   2 comments

I will be having a hair and makeup trial in September, but I thought I would start doing some more research on the look I was going for. Just to give you a look at what I normally look like when Mr. Darcy and I head out for a date.

Personal Pic

I turned to Google (every bride’s best friend) and searched “Anne Hathaway Red Carpet Looks.” I love Anne’s red carpet look. It’s always elegant and she and I share similar coloring (hair and eyes). I found the one I loved and then searched more specifically for “Anne Hathaway Love and Other Drugs Premiere.” My results produced this lovely tutorial and shot of Anne’s gorgeous makeup from the red carpet premiere.


I love the balanced look and how she plays up both her eyes and lips. The only part I am not thrilled about is the eyeliner. I never line my lower lids and am not sure if I would like such a bold departure from my natural look. Thanks Anne! Now onto the hair. When we originally started wedding planning I asked Mr. Darcy to flip through a bridal magazine and show me pictures of how we would like me to look on the wedding day. All of the pictures he showed me were with down-dos. for a long time I considered this idea with enthusiasm, but I realized it would never work. I rarely wear my hair down and when I do it always ends up. Having my hair on my neck drives me crazy. So there went the idea of a lovely do with long flowing waves, much like Anne’s hair above. Mr. Darcy agreed if we went with this style my hair would end up in a ponytail. So now I must search for the perfect up-do.

Did you take inspiration from the red carpet for your bridal look?


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2 responses to “Finding My Bridal Beauty Look, The Make-Up

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  1. Can my hair & makeup look like that (minus the lower lid liner)??

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