Breaking Down the Details- The Bar   Leave a comment

When I look online for wedding inspiration I love to see the details. I think these little babies give the true esscence of the wedding. In an effort to organize the details and planning process. I have decided to break down the details in our wedding into areas and blog about them for you (and me). First up is the bar not a super over the top place, but an area to bring some life and pizzaz.

1. Barber Straws- I loved these babies since the first time I layed eyes on them in the wedding blogosphere. They are oh so cute and oh so vintage. They may not exactly fit my vision, but that’s okay because their fun and I want them.


2. His and Her Signature Drinks- We aren’t offering a full bar, because our reception is at 2 in the afternoon. We are having a cocktail soiree, though and I feel we should offer some kind of cocktail, enter his and hers signature cocktails. Mr. Darcy’s- Jack and Coke Miss Austen’s- Peach Bellini (and of course cute signage as pictured above to advertise said drinks)



3. Drink Stirrers- Again one of those adorable details, that I don’t really need, but I think adds a splash of personality and color to the bar.


4. Cocktail Napkins- I found this project on Wedding Bee from one of my favorite bees and thought it went so well with our book motif. I couldn’t help stealing the idea. (Thank you Miss Cinnamon Buns for all your blogging inspiration).


There you have it the oh, so important details that will be gracing the bar.

Did you have any special details that you added in unusual spots? Did you spice up your bar with a signature cocktail or cute bar accessories?


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