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Of late I have been questioning the copious amounts of money I we are spending on this wedding. I know and understand the sources of these feelings. Things have been kind of stressful for Mr. Darcy and I of late. I thought I might have pregnant ( I am not) and this was very hard for Mr. Darcy and I have been struggling with what could of been and our now overwhelming desire to have a child together. Not to mention with summer here both Mr. Darcy and I have less income coming in and although we aren’t financially struggling, it’s hard to justify writing checks for vendor payments. My game plan to fight these feelings of questioning and to make sure I don’t let our wedding day turn into a regretful, I have decided to outline the purpose and our goals for having this wedding.

The Purpose-

Our wedding is a celebration of not only Mr. Darcy and I’s love, but just as important a celebration of the people we have become in our five and half year relationship. Most importantly it’s a celebration! My kid brother gets to be excited about being the best man, when he has had a tough day at school and my mom gets to celebrate that this is her one time to be mother of the bride when she comes home from work and she is exhausted or feeling sick. And for Mr. Darcy and I it will be a time we can think back on when life throws us a curve ball. We are hosting our wedding, so we can celebrate. I am going to celebrate the good times, so I can remember them in the hard times.

Our Goals-

1. To create a wedding that is reflection of Mr. Darcy and I and who we are as couple. Translation- Hawaiian traditions incorportated into our cremony, Notre Dame fight song for our entrance, book motif, and Italian food. (I really do love our wedding and that is totally us)

2. To make sure our all our guests who have made the trip to celebrate us are comfortable, well taken care of, and happy. Translation- Welcome bags, welcome Las Vegas strip tour, morning after brunch, and hotel blocks.

3. To make our celebration memorable and unique. Translation- Even if it’s super prevalent on weddiing blogs most of our guests probably haven’t seen it so here is my list of “trends” I am throwing in there to make it unique- destination wedding, photo booth, after party, lots of diy details, vintage decor, groom’s cake, welcome bags, cocktail party.

Just blogging about it reminds me why I am planning this celebration and why I love our wedding and why we are celebrating our union, as husband and wife.

Did you ever have moment where you asked yourself why? Why are we spending this much money money? Why didn’t we just elope? How did you come to realize that it’s all worth it?


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  1. Your wedding is a reflection of the two of you. I think it’ll be something that your guests will remember and they will have a great time. And you are right- it’s all about celebrating you and Mr. Darcy and how you are makIng a commitment to each other. It’s celebrating the merging if your families and friends as you commit to each other. As Mr. Sewing said, it’s like you are an accessory at your own wedding. But you don’t often get to celebrate like this, so you need to live it up!!

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