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I am a bad, bad bride. I have not really been avoiding planning (we got our ceremony music set right). I have been avoiding doing anything. I am so tired after I get home from work. I help make dinner, eat, take a shower, put on my pjs, turn on the tv, pull out my computer, and sit on my bed to do some minuscule task (read wedding bee, post for school, pick our ceremony music), and then go to bed. So in an effort to save myself from falling into panic mode when the wedding is one month away and none of the DIY projects are done I am going to be making wedding goals for myself for all summer. WooHoo for wedding goals. I will keep it simple for the month of June, because I am still in class, but will step-it-up in July and August, (invitations, here I come). My wedding goals for the month of June are:

1. Send Mrs. Sewing the guest list and addresses for the bridal shower.

2. Go with Mr. Darcy to Macy’s or Sephora and do some smell testing (more on this later).

3. Complete ceremony planning worksheets for The Chapel.

4. Set-up tasting/ cake consultation appointment for July.

5. Create the fishing bouts.

6. Send Mr. Darcy off to the tux shop to figure out his attire.

7. Order/buy washi tape, book themed stamps, ribbon, and tulle for all upcoming DIY projects.

8. Order envelope and paper samples.

9. Test run of mini bundt cakes.

There it goes my to-do list for June. Nothing to complicated, but enough to make me feel efficient. Yeah for efficiency.

Did you find your self in a project slump? How did you get out? Did you make lists and set goals?


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  1. What is a smell test?

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