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Mr. Darcy and I have had a lot of stuff going on in our lives lately, more than usual. This has made for a very tired Mr. Darcy and a very emotional Miss Austen. Mr. Darcy and I are also both very stubborn people (me more so, hands down), so this doesn’t always make for the best situation. I like to say in times like this Mr. Darcy and I are going through growing pains. We are adjusting to our new situations, learning to support each other through these times and to communicate our feelings better. I love Mr. Darcy more than life itself and can’t imagine spending life without him, let alone how I would get through it without him. Our relationship is not perfect, but it’s ours and we both have to work at it. I write this not because I want to talk about the difficult times in Mr. Darcy and I’s relationship, but rather the importance of the work that is necessary to put into the relationship to make it work. Yeah, Mr. Darcy and I may fight and we do, but in the end we always end up the better for it. I love Mr. Darcy every day, just some days I have to work at it more. I can’t wait to be his wife and at the end of the day I will will be (even though I wear the pants in the relationship). I am still learning how to be the best me in our relationship, not the stubborn, pigheaded, have to be in charge me, and Mr. Darcy is learning his own lessons also. I think our relationship is ever evolving and we must constantly work to keep it strong. So I leave you with this, my new favorite song for our relationship. ( I love music and often relate it to my life and my relationship with Mr. Darcy). Someday, I will share with you the soundtrack of our relationship from my perspective, but for today I leave you with this.



Posted June 1, 2011 by kcoleybear in Miss Austen

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