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This particular part of wedding planning wasn’t to far up on my list, OMG this has to be perfect. Mr. Darcy is by no means any kind of fashionista. He prefers to wear shorts and a Bass Pro Shop t-shirt on all occasions. I sometimes ask him to switch to jeans and a button-up, but not often. I figured I worry about it when the time came to order such things. Then Mrs. Sewing offered to send Mr. Sewing with Mr. Darcy on his shopping adventure and all was forgotten, ’til now. I received a coupon/mailing from Men’s Wearhouse offering their standard special of $40 off all tux rentals and free tux rental/ suit for the groom for every five that are rented. This got me thinking about the duds that the Darcy party will be donning the day of some more. We had a few options.

The ever more popular (plastered across the wedding blogs) three piece suit.


As presented here by some of Hollywood’s leading men. This option was never really an option, because Mr. Darcy is a big and tall kind of guy and this dapper suit would look kind of small and tight on him.

The next option was a tux.

Joseph and Feiss One Button Notch Lapel


This is a perfectly acceptable option and I think Mr. Darcy would look pretty sweet in a tux, maybe a little bit less formal (i.e. without the vest).

The next option (my personal favorite) is a suit.

Calvin Klein Shadow Stripe Two Button Super 100s Notch Lapel


I personally think a suit would be a great investment for Mr. Darcy. He will have numerous occasions to wear it in his life and we could have it tailored to fit him, giving him the best look possible.

In the end it will be up to Mr. Darcy and he will choose what he likes best and I am sure when I see him in it I will fall in love with him all over again. (On a different note I love that Men’s Wearhouse commercial, “When everyone is looking at her, she will be looking at you.”)

Were you overly concerned by your partner’s attire for the wedding day? Did you give any input? What did s/he ultimately end up choosing?

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  1. Mr. Sewing did it on his own. He does have a good eye for dressing up. He’a happy to go with Mr. Darcy, but they might go out for a manly beer after – shopping.

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