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(From my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast). One of Mr. Darcy and I’s biggest priorities through out the wedding planning process has been making sure our guests’ are taken care of. We have come up with a multi-faceted plan to ensure all of them know how special they are to us and know how thankful we are that they took time out their busy schedules to be with us on our big day (weekend). So here is Mr. Darcy and Miss Austen’s How to Take Care of Your Guest for a destination wedding 101:

1. Take the time to schedule extra events with your guests, but don’t book up all their time.- Mr. Darcy and I will be hosting a meet and greet on Friday night, which includes a double decker bus tour of Las Vegas and drinks for all our guests. We will have exclusive access to the bus and be making spots at the following areas: 1. Las Vegas Sign, 2. Downtown for the Fremont Street Experience, 3. Treasure Island’s Pirate Show/ Mirage Volcano Eruption, and 4. Bellagio Fountains. Yeah this may seem a little cheesy to some, but for Mr. Darcy and I it was a way to be able to spend some extra quality time with our guests without breaking the bank and getting to experience Vegas. We also be having an impromptu morning after brunch. We are still working details on this. We will either just have an open house style continental breakfast in Mama and Papa Austen’s suite and let guest know they can stop by for juice, coffee, and croissants and spend a last few moments with the newlyweds before they leave or we will set up a time for all our guests to meet up with us at the buffet at the hotel.


2. Set-up a hotel block.- Mr. Darcy set-up a hotel block at Mandalay Bay,where all events for the weekend are centered around. Our guests do not have to stay there, but the option is there and the rooms are discounted. We are also considering setting up a second one at the Luxor or Excalibur, which both connect to Mandalay Bay via monorail.


3. Provide transportation for your guests.- We will be providing buses to our guests to transport them from the ceremony location, Mandalay Bay, to the reception location, Caesar’s Palace. We will only be providing transportation to the reception, because we want our guests to have the freedom to traipse around Vegas, when the reception is over. We will have one small bus to take small children and their parents and elderly guests back to Mandalay Bay immediately following the receptions’ conclusion.


4. Make your guests feel welcome.- We will be providing our guests with welcome bags filled with yummy snacks, water, hangover kit, local magazine, Las Vegas strip map, and welcome note. Talk to the concierge of the hotel, where you are staying they will probably give you free local printed materials to put in your bags. The welcome boxes will be delivered to guest’s rooms after they check-in.

There you have it, all the ways Mr. Darcy and I are trying to make our guests feel welcome, taken care of, and special, as they share in our special day.

Are you doing anything special to take care of your guests? Do you have any other suggestions?


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