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That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Yes now I busted out some Shakespeare out on you, let me tell you the dilemma Mr. Darcy and I face. We can’t decide upon a last name. And when I say we, I mean we. See it’s really quite complicated, because neither Mr. Darcy nor I have last names of people that we actually share any blood relation with. It goes like this: Papa Austen was adopted by his father’s sister, when he was younger, but she was married to another man. Therefore Papa Austen took his adopted father’s name, now Papa Austen has no contact with his adopted father and hasn’t for a long time. He has talked about changing his name to his family name, many times. So therefore Miss Austen’s (me)  name is not really the same as any of my family’s. Now Mr. Darcy was also adopted by his stepfather, whom he had a tumultuous relationship with, and has his last name. Mr. Darcy has no contact with anyone from his stepfather’s  side of the family either. So you see neither one of us have last names that actually belong to blood relatives. So now that’s all cleared up, now on to the dilemma. Mr. Darcy and I want to share the same last name, because we want to both have the same last name of our future children. So what name to go with. Mr. Darcy and I have come up with this list of options.

1. Mr. Darcy changes his last name to his mother’s maiden name and then I will take that as my last name. This is a particularly appealing choice, because Mr. Darcy’s uncle (his mother’s only sibling) had no children and therefore no one from his primary family will be carrying on this name.

2. Mr. Darcy takes my last name. Although my last name is not really based on blood relations, I still love it and want to keep it.

3. Mr. Darcy and I take the last name of Papa Austen’s father or his mother’s maiden name.

For right now, we unsure of what we will choose and what will be best for us, but whatever choice we make Mr. Darcy and I will be sharing a last name.

Do you have some crazy family dynamics, when it comes to your last name? Did you change your last name when you got married?


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  1. Interesting. Mr. Sewing and I have lumped Mr. Darcy in with the Austin family last name for awhile. Choices. At least you have several months.

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