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Practice makes perfect, right? So that’s why we have wedding rehearsals. Mr. Darcy and I debated about a rehearsal for a while. We didn’t have the extra $500 it would cost us to do a rehearsal in the chapel and besides that they had no times available the day before our wedding. This would mean anyone who was part of the ceremony would need to be there two days before the wedding instead of one. So after much thought, we decided to do a rehearsal in my parent’s suite.

Mandalay Bay Suite 1500x2/ Source: Mandalay Bay

Now we have decided we will be doing a dry run of the ceremony without our coordinator or officiant, but that’s okay. On the day of we will have walked down a pretend aisle and Papa Austen will have practiced lifting my veil and Mrs. Sewing will know how to make sure it lies flat. Yeah for our wedding rehearsal. Now to decide on other important points, what to wear and what to feed the people. First up, what to wear. Now most girls’ would probably find some gorgeous dress, like any one of these options (all priced under $150, because Miss Austen is a budget conscious kind of bride).

Tahari Metallic Woven Sheath Dress with Bead Trim

Source: Nordstroms

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Embellished Mock Two Piece Dress

Source: Nordstroms

Yes, I am a fan of the white cocktail dress for the rehearsal dinner, but then I then came upon this idea from the lovely Mrs. Sewing. What about a tutu? Yes, I said a tutu. How adorable would it be to wear a tutu with a silk cami and cardigan for the wedding rehearsal. It is Vegas after all. Something a little whimsical like a tutu, wouldn’t even make people bat an eyelash in Vegas. When I asked Mr. Darcy about it he looked at me a little strange and then said, “That would work. If it’s what you want to wear.” I think it would be cute. Something along these lines minus the big bow and with three pieces (cami, cardi, and tutu).

Source: Luna Tique Art

What do you think? Would you wear a tutu? Or am I just crazy? What are you planning on wearing to your rehearsal?


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2 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect…

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  1. Clearly I love the idea. Mr. Sewing thought we were dorks to wear them the entire day at school. But it’s not so bad. And they tie, so very easy to take off if you want it off. Of course I’ll make you one. Perhaps ivory and gold?

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