Practice Makes Perfect…Feeding People   1 comment

So now we have discussed where we will be rehearsing the ceremony (in my parents’ suite) now I have to figure out what to feed these people. I know really, how many event must a bride be expected to plan? Just kidding. I am totally going to feed all these very important people, who are taking part in the most important ceremony ever for both Mr. Darcy and I. The question is just what to feed them. Here are the options:

1. Yummy Italian food from Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Chicken Parmesan

Source: Maggianos

Pros:Their food is super yummy. They deliver and delivery includes set up and all utensils, plates, etc. They are budget friendly.

Cons: We are having Italian for the reception, although be it different style of Italian.

2. Jason’s Deli.

Loaded Baked Potato


Pros: This caterer offers everything from deli trays to chili and corn bread. They even have a potato bar package I am totally digging. (Caesar salad, potato bar with baked potato, chili, broccoli and cheese soup, sour cream, bacon, cheese, butter and green onions, and strawberry shortcake yum.)

Cons: They don’t bring all the extras with them.

3.  Pizza and Beer.


Pros: Cheap and Easy. Mama Austen loves the idea, although she will not partake of either.

Cons: I probably won’t eat because I don’t want to be bloated the next day.

I know there are other options, like Mexican (heartburn) or BBQ (bbq sauce and tutus don’t mix). What are you serving your VIPs at the rehearsal dinner?


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