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Since we are at the six month mark. I have been thinking about invites. I have had a myriad of ideas floating around in my head for months.

Printable Press Damask

Clear Envelopes from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Moo Card RSVP Postcard

Vellum Envelope and Baker's Twine a la Miss Gloss from Wedding Bee

Skyline Invite from Senor and Senora

At first I thought I would design something myself, but the reality of the situation is that I can’t. I just don’t the time. So I went for a search on Etsy to see what I could find. I went into the search with two ideas, one the skyline invite and the other a book themed invite. Here is what I found.

The Love Story Invitation Set from Susan Schneider Design

I am totally in love with the invite of this set, but not the rest of the set. This is what I imagine.

Love Story Invitation from Susan Schneider Design

Penguin Post Cards as RSVP Postcards/ Source: Amazon

Book Plate Inserts a la Miss Cinnamon Buns

This last photo is a picture of the labels Mis Cinnamon Buns made for jam favors, but it reminded me of a book plate. I figured I could convert the idea into book plate inserts. So there you have it, the book themed invites. This plan is dependent on Etsy Seller Sharon Schneider Design selling me only the invitation portion of the invites and me devising a way to print or stamp the RSVP postcards.

The second design choice is the skyline invitation. I found this adorable set, that can be customized for any city skyline and is super affordable from Etsy Seller Beth Cotes. The design comes with two options.

Modern Skyline Invitation Option 1 from Beth Cotes

Modern City Skyline Option 2 Beth Cotes

I like option 1 best and Mr. Darcy likes option 2 best. The RSVP looks like this.

Modern Skyline RSVP by Beth Cotes

I love the RSVP. I love the idea of having a shape of Nevada with a heart, where Las Vegas is. Beth also gives the option of adding coordinating inserts to our invites. She offers the following packages.

Beth Cotes Invitation Package Options

If we go this route we will order package B with our invites which includes an insert card and belly band or package C which includes two inserts, pocket fold/folio, and belly band. All invites include choice of colors and coordinating envelopes. This would be the easiest route.

What do you think? Books or Skyline? How did you decide on your invitation designs?


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