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The cake table may be small, but it is a focal point at the reception and will be captured in the oh so important cake cutting photos. I am putting careful thought and consideration in how to beautifully display our cakes. This one of the details that is so important to me. No one else may notice our toasting flutes or cake cutting set or cake stand, but I will and it will forever be documented in our wedding photos. The other morning I pulled out my computer and decided to catch up on some of my wedding bee before getting ready to go to church and breakfast with my lovely mommy (Happy Mother’s Day Mama Austen). Well Miss Giraffe had posted about her quest for the perfect toasting flutes, well this set me off on my own search for the perfect wedding flutes. I had seen a set before, that I liked. I knew they were by Kate Spade and said Mr. and Mrs. on them. I quickly did a google search and walah there they were.

Kate Spade Darling Point Toasting Flutes/ Source: Macys

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but one glass says mr. and the other says mrs. I really like these glasses, but think they may be to modern for our style. I decided to search for flutes on Macys’ website (what better way could I spend my Sunday morning lounging in bed, than internet shopping). I found this set from Waterford.

Waterford Lismore Crystal Flute/ Source: Macys

I love the unexpected color of this flute, but am still unsure if these are the right flutes. I think I may have to drag Mr. Darcy off to Macys to go look in person. While internet shopping for flutes I found this beauty.

Lenox Minnie's Dream Wedding/ Source: Macys

I saw this figurine and knew it had to sit atop our cake. Mr. Darcy and I are huge Disney fans. We love Disneyland and take a trip whenever we can. Here is some evidence from our last trip in October.

Miss Austen Posing with her Favorite Fairy/ Photo Credit: Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy Hamming It Up in the Lego Store on the Disney Walk/ Photo Credit: Miss Austen

Miss Austen and Mr. Darcy in front of the Waterfalls at the Disneyland Hotel/ Photo Credit: Brother T

Originally we had planned on adding jeweled brooches to the cake a la this cakespiration.

Source: Wedding Bee

But now I am totally loving the idea of leaving off the brooches and topping the cake with the gorgeous Mickey and Minnie topper by Lenox. I have to check with our baker to make sure that the topper won’t be to heavy and just smoosh the cake.

The only element left for the all important cake table is the cake stand. I had visions of a vintage book cake stand and have figured out just how to create it, thanks to Mama Austen. Last time we went on one our epic shopping trips, she found these babies.

Book Box from Michaels/ Personal Pic

This is actually a box made to look like a vintage book. Mama Austen bought three of these to create our card box with and now I will be making a return trip to Michaels to buy a few larger ones for our cake stand. I am thinking of stacking two or three of them and then having Papa Austen place a fabric covered board over the top to make sure that the stand is sturdy enough for our cake.

Are you carefully choosing the details for your cake table?


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