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I have blogged a little about our budget woes of late and how they have consumed me. I am constantly looking at our budget trying to figure out how were going to make things work here and there. In all honestly no amount preparation could have prepared me for the sheer number of things that must be included in your wedding budget. allows you to input the zip code of your wedding location and it will give you an average range for the cost of weddings in your area. You can also click on tabs to find out how much bride’s spent on different areas of the wedding. For Vegas the average cost of a wedding ranges from $17,109 to $28,504. Our budget is on the lower end of this average. My advice for brides just starting out is to look the averages for your areas and what brides in your area spent in different and use this as a guideline when beginning to plan your budget. Here are my budget tips for brides:

1. Prioritize.- Photography and Food were our biggest priorities. I was able to find an awesome photographer for a great price and an awesome restaurant whose catering manager worked with us and our budget to come up with the best meal plan. We chose a cocktail style reception with two stations and six passed hors d’oeuvres because of the off hour of our reception 2-6pm and limited space. Also, decor was important to me, so when Mama Austen and I saw the venue we knew it was perfect. The space was so awesome that decor could be minimal. We are spending most of the decor budget on linens, which I am totally in love with.

Mezzanine Level of the Trevi Restaurant (our reception venue) source: Trevi

Do you see why we need didn’t need a lot as far as flowers go? I am totally in love with that chandelier in the center of the room.

2. Ask for deals.- I am ordering several pieces of jewelry from one designer for my bridesmaids and asked the designer if she would be able to discount my order. I received 15% off just for asking. I asked our DJ about discounting our package because it was for five hours of play time and we only needed him for four. He told us if we paid it all up front we could get 10% off, so that’s what we did.

3. Shop around.- Talk to more than one vendor. Choose people your comfortable with and are also within your price range. When we selected our cake baker we had tastings at 3 different bakeries, each had it’s own specialty. The cake baker we loved most was able to do both the wedding cake and groom’s cake, that we originally planned on getting from a different baker.

4. Look for coupons.- I get e-mails about deals from groupon, living social, and the wedding channel deals. I also use the coupon app on my phone. I hate and most of the time refuse to pay full retail price for anything. I am using a groupon for the cake pops at our wedding. I am getting 36 cake pops for $50 instead of the normal $75 it would cost me. I even use these apps to save on every day things (shutterfly book for mom for mother’s day, flowers for FMIL for mother’s day, cucpcakes for Mr. Darcy’s birthday, spa package for pre-wedding prep).

There are ways to make any budget work. It doesn’t matter how large small the budget is you should be happy with the choices your making for the wedding. Do you have any budget tips?


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