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In my quest to cut the budget one of the areas I quickly chopped into was our decor budget. I reviewed our florist proposal to see where I could cut, I chose our $200 worth of decor for the sweetheart table. Having cut our decor I had to come up with another idea. After I thought about it for a while I thought why don’t we use books? Both Mr. Darcy and I are avid readers and as much as I love my Nook, I love nothing more than a vintage book. I did a quick google search to see if there were any images that matched what I had in my head, a vague image of stacked vintage books and candles. Here is what I found.

Source: Zenadia Design

After finding this picture I knew I had found the perfect idea for our sweetheart table. I was so exctited. I just couldn’t justify spending $200 on decor, when we will be barely sitting there and this design was just so us. I figured we would just order some of our favorite titles from Penguin’s line of vintage books, but at $20 a pop it wasn’t exactly the savings I was looking for. I justified the expense in my head by saying the books would be ones we could keep in our collection afterwards. Well I had a stoke of luck on my last trip to Vegas. Not only had I won the money ($430) to pay off our wedding cake on the Sex and the City slot machine, I found vintage books for free. Yes I said, FREE. While staying at our honary grandparents’ house in North Las Vegas, a stack of vintage books caught my eye. When I asked Grandma Sprinkle if we could borrow them for them, she quickly agreed and offered even more before I could explain their purpose. I was so excited. We had the books for our sweetheart table. I forgot to take a picture of them while we there. I plan on doing a mock-up with our candle holders (we’re using the teal ones pictured below) and the books next time we are in Vegas visiting, which hopefully will be next month.

Source: Jamali Garden

 I am so excited for our sweetheart table. Did you strike gold in an unexpected place? How will you be decorating your head/ sweetheart table?


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