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As I watched all the guests arrive for the royal wedding, I was very much impressed with most guests attire. The typical outfits were morning suits for the men, knee length dresses/suits and hats/fascinators for the women.

The Beckhams Source: Styleite

This had me thinking about my own guest’s attire for the wedding. I don’t know if brides really think about the attire of their guests’ outside of their wedding party, but their attire will also be captured in photos. Here are some of the things I hope not to see our guests wearing at our wedding.

Source: Chictopia

I really wish that the men do not show up with jeans and t-shirt on. I would really like the men to be in a button-up, tie, and slacks, but not necessarily a jacket. I want them to be comfortable, but not that comfortable.

Source: The Gloss

I really hope I will not have any female guests, sporting the hoochie mama dress. We are having a cocktail party and I hope the ladies will lovely cocktail dress, just not this short.

Ramona and Alex from the Real Housewives of New York City Source: Brass Stacks and Silver Charms

(Yes I watch the Real Housewives.) Wearing white is something I don’t wish my guest would do, but Mama Austen absolutely detests the idea that guests would wear white to wedding. She insists that if anybody wears white to the wedding, they will not be allowed in the photos. I love Mama Austen. She is a fierce mama.

Have you put any thought in to what your guests might wear to your wedding? Are you giving them guidelines?


2 responses to “Guest Attire

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  1. Darn. Mr. Sewing can’t wear his ripped jeans and bright orange Illinois shirt? Sigh. 🙂

    • I know. Tell Mr. Sewing he can wear jeans and his Illinois shirt to all other wedding events. I am sure Mr. Darcy will be wearing jeans and Notre Dame shirts for all other events also.

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