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So if you are an avid Wedding Bee reader, like I am, or happen over to their site lately you will see a lot of bees have been posting their predictions for the royal wedding. So being inspired by all the lovely bees’ posts and my own undiluted pleasure at getting to witness a royal wedding, not to mention that of William and Catherine. I am totally in love with Kate and think she is perfectly adorable and down to earth and gorgeous and elegant and all the things a princess should be. So without further ado I bring you Miss Austen’s predictions for the royal wedding:

1. The Dress

The all important dress, this by far is the most anticipated wedding dress ever. I can’t wait to see Kate’s choice for the big day. Here is what I chose for her.

Monique Lluhillier Guilana Source: Kleinfield Bridal

I love the gorgeous cap sleeve, the accentuated waist, the lace corset top, and the pick-ups. To me this dress says modern princess. It’s elegant, timeless, modern, and will show off Kate’s gorgeous figure. Oooohhhh… utter perfection.

2. The Accessories

I know there has been some speculation that Kate will not be wearing a tiara for the wedding, but I must disagree. I think this would be the perfect something borrowed and shows the Queen’s blessing on the union. My pick for her:

The Strathmore Rose Tiara Source: Aestheticus Rex

This particular tiara was given to the late Queen Mother by her parents on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Albert on April 26, 1923. I think this tiara would be the perfect complement for Princess Catherine’s wedding day ensemble. It’s romantic and more simple than some of the other tiaras.

Grace Kelly on Her Wedding Day Source: Fashion Bride

I think Kate will be sporting a 10 foot veil (grand but not quite the length of Princess Diana’s) with lace detailing that matches her dress, a la Grace Kelly.

Jimmy Choo Regal Slingback Source: Nordstroms

I love these shoes by Jimmy Choo. I think they are the modern day version of the glass slipper.

3. Bridesmaid Dress

After Six Style 6588 in Palomino Source: Dessy Group

I think Kate will chose a floor length neutral colored gown in a beautiful fabric with large straps and v-neck for sister Pippa.

4. Flowers and Decor

I think Kate will have a lovely English garden look for all her florals with a neutral colored palette with some pastels added in. Here is what I imagine for her bouquet.

English Garden Rose Bouquet Source: Martha Stewart Weddngs

Painter's Palette Bouquet Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

I think she will have a lovely bouquet of English Garden Roses with a sprig of myrtle and some lily of the valley in beautiful neutral tones.

English Garden Centerpiece Source: Floral School New York

I think Kate will choose English garden themed centerpieces. I think the centerpieces will have all the best England’s gardens have to offer in a gorgeous neutral palette. I think they will be set upon elegant table settings in ivory and gold, similar to these.

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: I Do Inspiration

Instead of plain white china, sitting upon the glass chargers, there will be gold rimmed china.

5. The Wedding Cake

I again went to Martha for the wedding cake inspiration. I think the cake will be 5 or 7 tiers with an ivory and creme design.

Seven Tier Classic Wedding Cake Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Regal Piped Wedding Cake Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Whatever Kate’s choices, I am sure they will be elegant and timeless. I can’t wait for the Royal Wedding and will be up way before the sun rises to watch Kate become a princess and join Prince William in wedded bliss. Are you excited to witness the royal wedding? What are your predictions for the big day?


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