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Is their something inherent about wedding budgets, you always go over. I am continually looking at our budget, but it just seems that we are keep going over. Not supremely over, but a couple thousand over. I started with a budget of $15,000 then it went to $17,000 because of some extra money being kicked in from Mr. Darcy’s family, but the plain and simple fact of it no matter which way I look at the budget reads $19,000. This budget is feasible for Mr. Darcy and I without us going into debt, but still not where I wanted it. I have a couple options:

1. To cut some of my extras like the extra two hours of photography time and videography time

2. To cut the linens

3. To cut the amount of food and alcohol being served

4. To cut the guest list

I think I am going to go with a combination of all of it. Cutting back our guest list a little more, cutting some of our photography costs, cutting back on some of the linens (like for the guest book table), cutting an hors d’ oeuvres or two, and slashing a few more people off the guest list. How does this seemingly inevitable feat of going over budget happen? Well there simply costs we did not take into account, such as feeding the wedding party on the morning of and for the rehearsal (we will not be having the rehearsal in the chapel, but rather in Mama and Papa Austen’s suite). These are not big expenses, but when added in with the tipping, another $600, and other little expenses, like programs, a picture treatment for the stairs (more on this later), and signage. Did you have any small expenses you did not account for in your budget? Did it push your budget way over? Did you try to cut in other areas or just go with it?


Posted April 24, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Budget

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