Planning a Wedding without an Inspiration Board…Part 3   Leave a comment

I have shared Mr. Darcy’s and I sources of inspiration for the big day, our venue and us. There are other important factors that have been a part of our decision making. One is our guests and the other is my parents, Mama and Papa Austen.

Our guests’ comfort has been one of Mr. Darcy and I’s top priorities. This has led us to make decisions such as, allowing and guest for all our friends and saying yes to kids (Mr. Darcy and I love children and our best friends kids are a huge part of our lives). Inviting children to our cocktail style party has led me to the decision that they need their own space at the reception, hence the kids’ table complete with kids’ boxes.

Gable Box for Kids' Table

I am unsure where I got this picture from, but these will be at the kids’ table and filled with snacks, juice box, crayons, slinky, and another small toy. The table itself will be covered in butcher paper (a la Macaroni Grill), so the kids can color and draw right on the table. Other decisions made for our guest comfort include hosting a meet and greet the night before, transportation to reception from ceremony, welcome boxes, after party, and morning after brunch. We have also set-up a hotel block for our guests. I want to ensure their every need is taken care of, while there. Mr. Darcy and I are of the opinion if they are going to travel Las Vegas to celebrate our union then we should take care to take care of them. The other big influence on our wedding are the decision makers.

The decision makers in this whole wedding planning process are myself, Mr. Darcy, Mama and Papa Austen. Mama Austen and I have done the bulk of the planning and decision making, but Mr. Darcy will give a head nod on everything and even Papa Austen has been in on the process (the cake). Even brother T and N have gotten in on the wedding planning process (more on this later). Many couples now days are taking the reigns on the decision making for their weddings, but for us this wasn’t the right approach for several reasons.

1. I am the oldest child and only daughter of Mama and Papa Austen.

2. Both Mr. Darcy and I are extremely close with my family.

3. Mama and Papa Austen are paying for half the wedding costs.

Even if Mama and Papa Austen weren’t paying for half the wedding I think they would still be very involved in the planning process, because that’s just the way we roll. So there you have it. This is how Mr. Darcy and I (and Mama and Papa Austen) have made the wedding decisions , thus far.

Whose making the decisions in your wedding planning process? Is it a family affair?


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