Planning a Wedding Without an Inspiration Board…Part 2   Leave a comment

As I have mentioned before, I did not make an inspiration board for our wedding nor do we have a “theme.” What I have done is to take inspiration from the two very important places/people, our reception venue and Mr. Darcy and I.

Our Venue

In my last post I spoke about our flower choices and how they were defined by the elaborate beauty of our reception venue. Other decisions were based off our venue as well. 1. Not to have a traditional sit-down meal. This would have cramped the room and limited space for dancing. 2. Not to have lighting. The room is lit in a lovely amber glow and we decided not to mess with this aspect of the venue. 3. To splurge on beautiful textured linens, rather than over-the-top florals. We wanted to complement the room not compete with it. 4. The colors were chosen based off the room. The deep red and gold look gorgeous in this room and were perfect fits. For an accent color we chose something cool to punctuate the warm glow of the room. We went with a blue to bring out the blue in the walls.

Personal Pic taken by Mama Austen

Yes, that’s a typical picture of us. Me smiling big and showing all my teeth and Mr. Darcy’s sedated smile. Our styles and relationship is the most defining aspect of our wedding. Some influences Mr. Darcy and I have had on our wedding are our heritages. I am very much attached to my Hawaiian heritage and wanted to incorporate it into the wedding. I felt the most appropriate place to do that was the ceremony by incorporating the Hawaiian lei exchange and Hawaiian marriage prayer. The tradition I am most excited about is getting married in a circle of orchids created by our family and friends.

Source: Get Married in Hawaii

I love this tradition, because when Mr. Darcy and I say our vows we will be surrounded by the love all our family and friends.

Mr. Darcy is Polish, but isn’t enthusiastic. as I am about mine. Still, I wanted to incorporate this into the wedding ceremony also. Our solution, the tossing of herbs as we walk down the aisle as man and wife. This is so that we will have a fruitful union. Mr. Darcy is growing rosemary (to honor my late my grandmother) and lavender (to honor his late grandmother) for the tossing.

Although Mr. Darcy may not subscribe much to his Polish heritage he does to his Irish, Fighting Irish, that is. Mr. Darcy’s heart bleeds blue and gold and this will most definitely be part of our wedding day. It will be seen in the groom’s cake, our entrance to the reception will be to the Notre Dame Fight Song, and my something blue will be a Notre Dame garter.

Source: Lets Dance Garters

These are just of the few elements Mr. Darcy and I have decided to incorporate into the wedding, that are reflections of us.

What’s the inspiration for your wedding? Are you incorporating some of your loves into your wedding?


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