Planning a Wedding without an Inspiration Board…Part 1   Leave a comment

I love my wedding blogs, I really do. I log in for wedding gorgeousness and inspiration almost on a daily basis. But (this is a big but) sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by inspiration boards and book theme wedding and the milk glass. If you are an avid blog surfer, like myself, you know what I mean. Mr. Darcy and I have no “theme,” we kind of have a style, Modern Vintage. I did find some inspiration over on Snippet and Ink . But I didn’t design my own inspiration board and send it over to the florist and ask for these elaborate or not so elaborate concoction of flowers. I found these lovely candle holders from Jamali Garden and wanted to use them on the tables. These candles reminded me of a vintage style I wanted to capture, something glamorous and from a bygone era.

Source: Jamali Garden

I wanted to highlight these and make them the centerpiece of the table not the flowers. I also knew our room really needed no decoration, so minimal floral was better. My idea, a swirl pattern of dark red rose petals with candles interspersed throughout. Is it over the top? No. Was it inspired by some gorgeous wedding shoot done by a chic photographer? No. Does it fit what I wanted? Yes. Our wedding reception venue is so overwhelmingly beautiful and unique, that I really did not want to overwhelm it with outrageous florals, so my second choice for centerpieces for the booth tables was still understated, but a bit more inspired. Since these tables would not be wrapped in gorgeous linens (where I chose to splurge on decor instead of flowers), I decided to use the submerged centerpieces. These beauties blew up wedding blogs a while ago, but alas usually are no longer featured. For me though, this beauties were the perfect way to showcase some beautiful orchids in an understated and budget friendly way. (I wanted orchids to be incorporated for my Hawaiian heritage).

Personal Picture

I love the elegant and modern look of this centerpiece and that incorporates orchids.

As Mr. Darcy and I continue through the wedding planning process, one thing is clear our decisions may not be based upon inspiration boards and photo shoots, but they are based upon us and who we are as a couple. Mr.Darcy definitely prefers a more romantic and classic style, where I prefer a more vintage and glamorous feel, our wedding will reflect both styles throughout.

Did you design after spending countless hours scouring blogs for inspiration and develop the perfect inspiration board or are you like Mr. Darcy and I and just trying to incorporate your styles and wishes into the wedding?


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