Adventures in Cake Take 4- And the Winner is…Nicole   2 comments

Yes, success is possible. We have chosen our cake. (Hold for Applause). This was kind of a daunting challenge. Mama Austen and I have differing tastes when it comes to cakes. I like two tiered cakes with simple designs and large flowers and Mama Austen loves scroll work. So first we decided upon our cake baker. Drumroll, please… Cake Designs Las Vegas. Their cakes were so yummy and the prices couldn’t be beat. Then Mama Austen and I had to find a design we both loved. First, Mama Austen went through all the designs on their site and wrote down the ones she liked most with some minor notes on changes. Then she showed them to me and I yayed or nayed them. Eventually we got it down to 6 designs we both really loved. I showed them to Mr. Darcy and he had no objections or extreme favorites. Well I asked Papa Austen if he would like to make the final decision. He was pretty excited. So Mama Austen and I showed him the 6 designs we had narrowed it down to, a mixture of cakes with bold cascades of florals or intricate colored scroll work. Mama Austen and I left Papa Austen with the laptop and headed for Michaels. When we returned a few hours later (we closed down the store), Papa Austen announced he had the cake design. He told the design name. Silence. It was not one of the carefully selected designs Mama Austen and I had given him to choose from. It was one of Mama Austen’s original design choices, that I had vetoed.

Source: Cake Designs Las Vegas, Allena

Now don’t get me wrong I think this is a gorgeous cake, just not the one for us. White on white intricate scroll work is beautiful for a more traditional setting and a more traditional venue, but not for the Austen-Darcy wedding. So Mama Austen and I went back to the original choices and with Papa Austen’s help, chose one.

Source: Cake Designs Las Vegas, Nicole Round

I originally wanted this design in square, but Papa Austen liked round better. This will be it with a few changes. The gold will be more metallic. The pearls will be a strand of sugar pearls, rather than piped, and the ribbon will be fondant. We will also be adding some lovely cake jewelry.

Source: Wedding Bee

Yes I will be ordering some lovely vintage brooches from Etsy to add to the cake with our gold fondant ribbon, which also feature the bows from the lovely design above. So, what do you think? Isn’t it going to be gorgeous? I love the vintage feel. Mama and Papa Austen love the more traditional look. Mr. Darcy loves the taste. Oh, I almost forgot about the flavors. The bottom tier will be white cake with strawberries, the middle tier will be red velvet cake with cream cheese and raspberries, and the top-tier will be lemon cake with lemon filling. Mmmmmm….Now I am totally craving cake.
Was the cake design a collaborative process for you? How did you decide upon the design?

2 responses to “Adventures in Cake Take 4- And the Winner is…Nicole

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  1. Love it! Beautiful and fits the venue and wedding perfectly!

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