Miss Austen’s Tips for Hosting a Las Vegas Wedding   3 comments

More and more brides are heading to Vegas for their weddings. The reasons are numerous. For Mr. Darcy and I the decision came down to the fact we wanted a destination wedding, it it offered our guests a variety of activities and hotels, and we really love to go to Vegas. Here are some of the tips I have compiled so far for planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas.

1. Join theknot.com and start posting on the Las Vegas board-

These ladies are incredible. The sticky at the top of the board has a list of recommended vendors

and a site listing all the past and present Vegas brides’ bios. Talk to these ladies. They are sweet,

helpful, and awesome.

2. Most Chapels don’t allow outside vendors for photography, videography, and floral.

This is a trick you need to know if your planning on getting married at one of Vegas’s many

chapels. Some do allow you to pay hefty fee to pay for outside vendors. This monoply on vendors also

means there can be hefty fees involved. Here was Mr. Darcy and I’s solution, non floral bouquets and

boutonnieres and not adding extra time for our photography through the chapel.

Source: Croska on Etsy

Source: Wedding Bee

Source: hART Jewelry on Etsy

Source: Jewel Box Ballerina on Etsy

These are Mr. Darcy and I’s non-floral elements. It just wasn’t feasible for Mr. Darcy and I’s budget to pay $30 for bouts and corsages, $350 for my bouquet, and $90 for bridesmaid bouquets. A lot of the chapels include packages with standard floral options. My package came with a small rose bouquet (I will be using it for a toss bouquet), but to upgrade these were the quotes I got.

3. Use the hotel conciegre

The conciegres of Las Vegas are gods. Go over and introduce yourself to the concierge at the hotel

where you will be staying/hosting the wedding. The concierge at the Mandalay Bay has helped us

to make all our dinner reservations (and made sure we got the right tables) and took care of our

show tickets for our honeymoon and they are giving magazines and maps for all our wedding

welcome boxes.

4. Join the club for the hotel your staying at, like they’re facebook page, and sign up for their emails.

By joining M Life Players Club Mr. Darcy and I were able to get 30% off our “O” Cirque de Soleil

show. We booked our honeymoon suite during one of Mandalay Bay’s 30% off sales.

5. Ask your vendors for recommendations.

Our florist help us to find our photo booth company and DJ. If you trust your florist to create

you beautiful centerpieces you can probably trust her to give you good recommendations on

other vendors. This advice is good for any bride.

Are you having a destination wedding at a popular location? Do you  have advice for other destination wedding brides?


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  1. Always get email and cell numbers of your vendors. You might need to finalize over the phone on your way to your destination. Also, follow through and clarify with your vendors over email. This provides a written record of details abs pricing in case there are any questions later!

  2. these tips are very useful for those couples who want to have their weddings in Las Vegas. I have attended many weddings in Sin City and all were very nicely done. It seems that every hotel has people who can help you with planning, meals and others.

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