Adventures in Cake- Take 2   1 comment

So first let me apologize for my lack of posts the last few days. I have gone back to work after a month off and sprained my lower back (ick!). Alas, I have not abandoned you. I have a lot more cake to share with you today. Next up: Retro Bakery. This bakery is famous on The Knot’s Las Vegas board for its cupcakes.

Personal Pic- Retro Bakery Half Dozen Cupcakes

Top (L to R): Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate Loves Vanilla, Red Carpet (red velvet)

Bottom (L to R): S’mores, Pucker Up, Ninth Island

I was super excited to taste these babies. I have read such great reviews on them and our wonderful photographers, said they were totally yummy. So I decided the best way to taste these babies after tasting our yummy cake from before was to take a bite of each. I was already feeling overwhelmed by sugar. I must tell you, I was kind of disappointed. The frosting was overwhelmingly sweet and super thick. The cake itself was super yummy and moist. I freely admit I am not a big frosting person. I love cake, but not frosting (weird I know). So although I was not super impressed upon first try, I think I may give Retro Bakery another shot when I am back in Vegas with Mr. Darcy at the end of this month. I like the idea of cupcakes. I think there is just something inherently fun about cupcakes. I also like the idea of having several different flavors of cupcakes. I also think that cupcake stands are adorable.



Source: Vanilla Bean Bakeshop

Did you have a hard time deciding between cake and cupcakes? Or did you choose another option?


Posted April 7, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Cake

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  1. I think cupcakes are a great and cute idea and make for great photo ops!

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