A Groom’s Take on Wedding Plan   1 comment

So I had a lovely evening with Mr. Darcy and my cousin, KML. We had sushi,wine, and Cold Stone. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect evening? Well KML, who is also BM A’s sister, asked me why brides always ask groom’s what they want and then they say no we’re not doing that. Mr. Darcy started laughing and responded, “Yeah that’s why our responses turn to whatever makes you happy dear.” This got me thinking is this how Mr. Darcy really thinks of our wedding plans? Is this how most groom’s feels? I questioned Mr. Darcy about what I had refused to do for the wedding and he couldn’t come with anything specific. Further into the conversation, KML explained how BM A’s fiance only wanted a quick ceremony with twenty people and then be done. I laughed, because this is exactly what Mr. Darcy would have us do. I wonder if all groom’s are NID (The Wedding Planner reference- Not into Details) and have a supreme desire for an intimate celebration? How involved is your groom in the planning? Did he have any ideas that you absolutely rejected?


Posted March 31, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Style

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  1. hi thanks for sharing this


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