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Mama Austen and I had a chance to meet with all our photographers. Yes, I said all! See when you get married in Las Vegas or particularly in one of Vegas’s Chapels, you usually must use their photographer and their florist. The only exception I know of, as far as the hotel chapels go, is the Wynn. For the hefty fee of $700 you can have your own photographer take pictures of your ceremony also. Well seeing as we are not getting married at the Wynn, Mike and Courtney our lovely husband and wife team photographers will not be photographing our ceremony. Cashman Photography will be. So, hence we are playing the photography game, who will photograph what, when, and for how long. It can become quite complicated. So here’s what I figured out:

1. With our chapel package we get 45 minutes of photography time with one photographer. This includes the 15 minute ceremony and 30 minutes after with immediate family.

2. Our photographer is not allowed to take any photos in the chapel area. Period. The girls have to be in the bridal dressing room 40 minutes before the ceremony and the boys have to be there 30 minutes before the ceremony.

So what does this mean for us, it means I have to work out a schedule with all photographers involved. After meeting with Courtney and Mike of Mike L. studios, the photographers we chose, Mama Austen and I determined the 8 hour package will work best for us. So this is kind of what I am thinking:

9am-11am Getting Ready and Detail Shots

11:00am-12:30pm First Look and Bridal Party Pics

1:15-1:30pm Ceremony Pics

1:30-2:00pm Cashman Photo Family and Bridal Party Pics

2:00pm Hop in the Bus with our Bridal Party and Photographers

2:10pm Drop off at Caesar’s Palace

2:10pm-2:25pm Trevi Fountain Shops

2:30pm-5:00pm Reception Pictures

We also decided to add a second photographer to our time with the Cashman Photography. We did this because I wanted to make sure we had all the important shots from the ceremony. I am little worried about having Cashman shoot the ceremony and not Mike and Courtney, but I am sure all will be okay. Did you have to work a complicated photography schedule? Was there any vendors that you could not choose or had to use a prefered vendor for? How did you handle the situation?

I thought I would leave you with some more of Mike and Courtney’s awesome work.

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Source: Mike L. Photo Blog

Can you tell I am obsessed with our photographers?


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