Building a Dream Team and Defining the Details… The Florist Episode Part 2   Leave a comment

Mama Austen and I made a trip to Vegas this last week and we met up with my rocking florist, Randi Garrett of Naakiti Floral. We went for a couple of reasons, one so Mama Austen and I could see a mock-up, so we could show Randi the candle holders we are going to use for the designs, and so we could decide on what to do for the head table.

The space where we are hosting the reception is quite a decorated space.

Mezzanine Level of the Trevi Restaurant

Because of the highly decorated room, I struggled to find a design that fit and incorporated my desire for a vintage feel. The first thing I found when searching for a design that would work were these candle holders from Jamali Garden.

Source: Jamali Garden

I ordered the 3 1/2 inch Antique Tapered Votive Holders in teal for the head table and in gold for the guest tables. Then I had to find a design to fit with these beautiful candle holders, the room, and our budget. So enter the decorated aisle design.



Source: The Wedding Bee Miss Sparkler

My thought was why can’t we put this on our tables with our candle holders. So the design for the banquet tables in the room will be a turquoise taffeta with a swirl design of rose petals in a dark red color with the our gold votive holders interspersed through. Well I also have three round booths (like the kind in a restaurant) to contend with. I love the look of submerged flowers and decided that this would work well on the booth tables. This is what Randi came up with after speaking with her on the phone and a few emails.

Personal Picture

Personal Pic

The flowers are red/maroon cymbidium orchids, red roses, and red calla lilies. I love the look of this design. Randi did an incredible job. For the sweetheart table we are going to do a combination of the two designs with two sets of the submerged centerpieces and the rose petal design with the teal candle votives.

I first saw Randi’s work at a Bridal Expo in Vegas. She had set up several tables at the show that looked incredible, but what stands out most in my mind is the bride she had there representing her work. The bride just exuded confidence and elation over Randi’s design for her wedding. When it came time to find a florist to fulfill my wedding decor fantasy, Nakkiti floral was the first one that came to mind.

Did you book any vendors from a bridal show? How did you decide upon your floral design?


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