OMG…Stop the Presses!   1 comment

Miss Austen has found an inspiration board over on Snippet and Ink that is absolutely perfect.

Source: Snippet and Ink

I mean really, how perfect is this board. It has a beautiful modern color palette (that just happens to be very similar to mine), its Las Vegas inspired (that just happens to be where Mr. Darcy and I are tying the knot), and it has some sass (which I have plenty of). I am totally crushing on this gorgeous inspiration board. I think that Kathryn at Snippet and Ink had a dream about my wedding before it came to be and put this inspiration board together, knowing that some day I would find it. Haha! Just kidding. But seriously, I am so stoked about this board. Did you notice the photobooth strip down in the corner? I am on wedding cloud 9 right now with this inspiration board. But wait I am not done. Look at this beauty, also done by Katherine at Snippet and Ink.

Source: Snippet and Ink

Look at all the gorgeous, vintage details in this board. I love the sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes. The vintage Vegas of this board is so awe inspiring. Thank you Kathryn. Did inspiration ever just fall into your lap during the wedding planning process?


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