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Yes, I have written those ominous words, that every bride swears, she will not do. It is not my fault, though. I blame the wedding gods. Before we met with our lovely florist we had met with a DJ, Mike from High Flying Entertainment. They have a digital faux-to-booth option. Mike did not refer to it by this term, so I quickly informed that is what it was, and my mom looked totally confused by my calling it so. I then explained to her and Mike that a faux-to-booth is an area with a backdrop that usually has props that people stand in front of to take silly pictures. Here are some links to some bees’ from wedding bee faux-to-booth, Mrs. Rainbow, Mrs. Quiche, Mrs. Bunny, and Mrs. Buttons. For those of you who are visual learners like myself, here are some pictures of faux-to-booths.

Source: springtime-bride.blogspot.com
Source: tjmbennett.xanga.com

Well after  meeting with Mike we had an appointment with our florist to see a mock-up of one of the centerpieces we had picked out and to discuss what to do with our head table. Well after making a few alterations to our plans, adding linens to our orders, deciding upon a sweetheart table design. We then told her about our meeting with the DJ and we explained to her about the faux-to-booth. She also did not seem to get the concept (wedding vendors really should keep up on the trends and terms).  She said, oh no, I have a guy next door who will take care of you. Lickety Split she gets on her phone and five minutes later, Todd appears. We finish up with Randi and head over to Todd’s shop. Todd put Mama Austen and I in the photobooth with a box full of props and we had so much fun. Todd showed us all the options Shutter Booth had to offer. Mama Austen and I are so enamored with the whole idea. We love everything from the prop box to the bookmark sleeves to the putting the photo strips in to the scrapbook style guestbook. Needless to say Mama Austen and I were sold on the whole photoboth idea. We should probably not be allowed to wedding plan together by ourselves, because we find ourselves justifying spending money on items, that are not in the budget. Was there something you had to have for the wedding, that wasn’t in the budget? Did you regret your expenditure after?

Mama Austen and I have been diligently working on places to cut the budget in order to afford this cost. Our photographers had also used Shutterbooth at their wedding and they totally recommended them. This help me feel better about totally going out of control with our budget. Maybe not totally, but we shall see, how Papa Austen and Mr. Darcy feel about these expenses.

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