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After meeting with our rocking florist today, Naakitti Floral, we have made a change to the color scheme. OMG!!! I know Miss Austen has changed her colors after she finished her save-the-date bookmarks and bought her invites in the lovely dark teal, what is she thinking? Well the save-the-dates are done and will have to remain in their lovely shades of dark teal. The invites I am not sure what we are going to do yet, but I am getting ahead of myself here. The new color scheme:

Crimson Red



Well there you have it, the new color palette.  Isn’t it lovely? I bet your asking yourself, how did this all come about. Well when Mama Austen and I entered into Randi’s floral studio (Randi Garrett is the owner of Naakitti Floral). She has linens, lovely linens. Let me tell you something about linens. I love them. I think they complete the tablescape. I had planned on just ordering linens from Cloth Connection, well Randi had linen swatches from Cloth Connection. My teal linens were’nt really teal. So Mama Austen and I flipped through the linen swatches and we loved the turquoise crinkle taffetta. So there you have it. Did you make major changes to your design?


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  1. You did more than just change the color!

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