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My save the date bookmarks are complete and Mama Austen is working to finish addressing the envelopes. I thought I would update you with some instructions/pictures of the process. I took the design I created to FedEx Office. This was a horrible experience. It took them four hours to print and cut the bookmarks. When I took the bookmarks home Mama Austen spent two hours fixing the cutting job. So, needless to say I will not be using them again for any printing or cutting jobs. After Mama Austen finished cutting the bookmarks we did some experimenting to find the best way to put the bookmarks together. Here are a list of the materials we used:

Ribbon Stitch Paper Punch $7 Micheal’s

1 roll Red Satin Ribbon $.49 Walmart

1 roll Gold Metallic Ribbon $.98 Walmart

1 roll Dark Teal Organza Ribbon $1.50 Micheal’s

Aleene’s Stop Fraying $4.99

Kraft Paper Cardstock $6 Micheal’s

X-Acto Knife Free ( I already owned it)

Friskars Paper Cutter Free (I already owned)

Total Supplies: $21 + tax

The printing and cutting fees at FedEx Office were $15.00.

Here is my tutorial on our save-the-date bookmarks:

Step 1. Print design created I created in Microsoft Word (if you don’t remember from this post I created a template in Word with four 7″x2″ bookmarks.)

Personal Picture


  2. Next Mama Austen cut the bookmarks using the Fiskars cutter, while I cut the ribbon in 7 inch lengths.

3. Then Papa Austen punched the bookmarks with the ribbon punch and Mama Austen cut the space in between the two punches to make a square cut-out of the bookmark.

Personal Picture

Personal Picture

Personal Picture

4. Next I strung the teal and red ribbon through the hole.

Personal Picture

5. I then tied the gold ribbon around the two other ribbons and then straightened the ribbons with a hair straightener. You could also iron the ribbons flat.

Personal Picture

7. I then cut the ribbons shorter.

Final Product:

Personal Picture

There they are. Our save-the-date bookmarks. Aren’t they cute? My first DIY project is complete.

Did you create save the dates? Or did you order them? What did you use for save the dates (magnets, postcards, pins)?


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  1. Super cute!!! Can’t wait to get mine now!

  2. Going to be mailing them from Vegas this week. I am so excited.

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